Dell XPS 13 7390 (Late 2019) Review


Lisa Gade reviews the refreshed Dell XPS 13 for late 2019. The design and display offerings are the same as the previous generation, but the 13.3” laptop makes the jump to Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake processors. You can get it with a 6 core i7 CPU, which is pretty impressive for an Ultrabook this thin and light. The Dell has WiFi 6, a Microsoft Precision trackpad, full HD and 4K touch screen options and Thunderbolt 3 ports. It’s available in 3 colors and starts around $949.
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  1. This is the worst laptop ever, it’s completely unreliable! I spent countless hours troubleshooting many problems, Windows 10 is completely broken on this laptop. I still can't reliably transfer files to and from my external HDD's, speed goes very often to 0 B/s for 10s and then resumes for 2s and so on. It's very loud laptop. It wakes up and heats up really hard on closed lid, no update fixed it yet. Most of the problems are maybe because of Windows and I can't switch to linux, because it is not supported… I can't reach any English support from Japan, ffs!!! I just switched to MacBook Pro which is amazing, it just works great and I spent a day to learn it! Now I need to get rid of this crap!

  2. I don`t see any reason why should I buy this but Surface Laptop 3, as we talk about ultrabooks and their portability quality and most important – price tag (value)

  3. I'm on the cusp of buying one but I aboslutely need to know if I can still edit 4k on this i5 machine. Because I can currently do it with a little lag on a 6 year old acer with 4GB RAM .. Please let me know

  4. Which is better? This (exact version you have for review)? Or the HP Elite Dragonfly? I have an online business and do a lot of video conferencing. What I dislike most about the laptop I have now is that it runs really hot, and the fan blows loud that participants can't hear at the time. And when I'm recording a video of my screen for courses, it has the fan noise running in the background. The keyboard is also really loud when we are on calls (MS Surface Pro 3 btw). I'm going to need durability for travel, speed (most important), and quiet.

  5. Awesome review(I just decided to order this XPS-13 i7-10710U UHD laptop and wanted more info even though I already decided to buy it). The important thing is to have more number of words per minute and cram a lot of information per minute. Most reviewers don't realize that this is youtube and NOT TV, so if I miss a word I can always go back. Very informative and efficient. Thanks

  6. I just bought this thing and within an hour of use the touch screen registers phantom inputs. Such a shame! Perfect laptop if not for the otherwise troublesome defect with the touch screen.

  7. just bought it, very shitty laptop coming from mac ! USB-C are useless , power adapter too weak , no review mention that you ll need to find a power adapter that can deliver enough for the laptop AND a USB-C hub (yes you need that) . good luck

  8. Thanks, Lisa. Once again, you nail notebook reviews like absolutely nobody else. It was because of you that I ended up buying the Yoga 910 (4k/16GB) a few years ago. Anyway… XPS seems nice, and I believe the best value may be the FHD display, but one should definitely get 16GB these days in my opinion. Personally I would go with 4K and set everything to 2x scaling so everything looks large but very sharp still.

  9. Got the 15.6 inches with 8 cores icore9 chipset in it and 32 gbs of ram and 1 terabyte for storage and a nvida 1650 graphic card installed

  10. Did she Really say, at the end there, 'a lot of thunderbolt connectivity'? It has TWO ports, one of which is used to power it! In What obscure meaning of the words 'a lot' is that 'a lot'? That killed the whole review for me that, per usual, was all about numbers and spec and Nothing to do with real world performance.

  11. I've had the XPS 13 9365 for 2 or 3 years now and will never buy another Dell laptop again thanks to it.

    coil whine, horrible thermals (gets hot just opening a browser, spotify, and slack), driver issues were a nightmare at first, freezes up often, battery isn't anything special.

  12. is this laptop good for software engineering? about to go to collage and thinking about picking this one up instead of the 15 inch would love some feedback if anyone has one

  13. I waited to buy a cyber monday costco 4k 32 GB ram 1 TB ssd for $1900. It booted and got about 30 seconds into Cortana update ramp before it died. When it did, showed no signs of accepting charge with native charger nor from know thunderbolt 3 dock that is known to work. Was told no exchange but to wait for repair thru dell support. Which due to backorder on what they expect is needed is almost 30 days from receipt of new laptop. WTF happened to QA/QC and the sense if you bought something new that didnt work you wouldn't have to wait a month to hope you get it working. Fuk Dell. Dont buy from them.


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