Dell Latitude E6410 – Is it still any good in 2017 (NOT gaming oriented)


I was in a bit of a hiatus in the past 3 months or so since I’ve released a new video mainly because I haven’t had any interesting ideas for a video in awhile.

As a bit of a diversion from my usual affair, I’ll be doing a video of my Dell Latitude E6410 laptop which was a pretty high-end business laptop from 2009 that originally cost around $2,000 or higher when it was new and I’ve been it as my daily driver for the majority of 2017. I’ve been meaning to do a video of for a long while actually but haven’t got around to making it until recently.

This isn’t much of a review of the laptop but more of me sharing my thoughts and experiences with it from using it as my daily driver and see if it is still usable in 2017 (soon 2018) on tasks such as web browsing, watching Youtube, gaming and some productivity tasks such as 3D modelling, drawing artwork digitally and programming to see if it would make for a pretty decent budget choice for a used laptop if you can find one from the used market for a reasonable price. I also showed a bit about some of the upgrade options you can have for this laptop as well and a few of its unique features.

I made a bit of a mistake while filming the clips for this video where I accidentally set the recording mode to 1080i instead of 1080p and because Kdenlive does not support deinterlacing 50i to 50p so most of the clips of the video ended up being 25fps instead of 50… Ugh.

Briefly featured Youtube video is from Gamers Nexus.

End card music from this Philips Video 2000 video:

End card artwork and the wallpaper art on my computers were drawn by me (though I don’t really consider myself an artist tbh).


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  1. Had one of these until last year, was my daily driver. Had 16gb RAM on mine and also had the advanced replicator with the parallel/serial ports on – handy for talking to the PlayStation and other little projects that needed a parallel port. Only retired due to the case cracking and me managing to trade it on for a HP Elite 7200MT – which also has a parallel port 🙂

  2. Great detailed review. I'm planning on buying this laptop used here in the Philippines. Would you say Dell E6410 with i7 is better than Dell E5520 with i5? I'm not familiar with different generations of icore processors and how they compare. I would really appreciate your input.

  3. No way it can't play fortnite or pubg. If u want that. U need to open the laptop and connect with extra graphic card. Then u can play fortnite


  5. Hello everyone,
    In my Opinion, It's a great laptop. I have been using it for more than 8 years. In term of doing Work. It super fast. I don't think any other laptop can reach his potential but know days New one with powerful core and graphic card has taken it's place. I play Command & Conqueror General and General Zero Hour or Red Alert 3. They Run fast and That my favorite games from my child hood.
    So Even with this specs It super good for light gaming.

    The Latitude E6410 is the latest in a long line of business notebooks from Dell. Sporting a wide range of Intel Core processor options, Intel integrated and NVIDIA NVS 3100M dedicated graphics, and two display options. In this review we see how this Dell business notebook compares to others already on the market.

    Our Dell Latitude E6410 Specifications:

    14.1 LED-backlit WXGA+ 1440×900 Display

    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

    Intel Core i7 620M processor (2.66GHz, 4MB cache)

    NVIDIA NVS 3100M Dedicated Graphics with 512MB VRAM

    4GB DDR3 RAM

    250GB 7200RPM hard drive (Western Digital Scorpio Black)

    Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 6200AGN

    Built-in Bluetooth v2.1+EDR

    8X DVD burner

    One-year limited warranty

    9-cell Li-ion battery (85Wh)

    Weight: 4.26lbs starting (5.5lbs configured)

    Dimensions: 13.2 x 9.4 x 1-1.2-inches

    MSRP: $960 starting ($1,865 closest configuration)

    In recent times, from the day it was launch. After years passed, It has a heating issue. It will slow down. It happens to me a lot in summer. Some people have made a lot of youtube video. Like heat stings or Adding an additional fans to it. But It works fine. I was given an option in last two years to buy a new i7 gaming laptop but I didn't bought it . Because this laptop rocks. When the laptop is happy. It runs so fast and considering parts is not that expensive. So I was told this laptop which is a notebook for business purposes. It Excellent opinion. For 8 years I didn't have any main issue with Dell Latitude E6410. It works great. Sometimes has a heating problem which is solved eventually. Even so if I buy new laptop I am not selling this buddy to anyone, haha. It's a great machine and reliable and convenient. Thanks for reading it.

    Best Regards,
    Inori Yuzuriha

  6. To those who's gonna ask if this can be a gaming laptop or run games that you want
    actually it can but some games that requires a bigger graphics can have problems
    MOBAS like dota 2 and LOL can run smooth in medium reso. , especially LOL , Counter Strike can be played at Medium High Graphics , and PUBG at low graphics. (if your game is not on the list , then apply the game graphics to the game i've given )

    To those programmer person here that has the laptop
    it really runs well at any programming languages IF you upgraded your laptop , if it runs on an HDD and 4gb of ram , you might have some problem of lagging and memory consumption , but if you have an SSD you can run it smoothly like ANDROID STUDIO and UNITY

    I've upgraded my laptop with the ff
    1. SSD 128 gb
    2. 8 gb ram
    3. i7 M 620
    4. A caddy with 1TB of HDD (if you want to remove your DVD DRIVE)
    5. Laptop screen replacement of 1920 x 1080 res (for better resolution)


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