Dell Latitude D610, D620, D630 disassembling and fan cleaning


How to fix overheating laptop, how to clean laptop fan and replace thermal paste in Dell Latitude D610, D620, D630.
screwdrivers set:
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thermal paste:

screwdrivers set:
thermal paste:

screwdriver set:
thermal paste:

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  1. **ENG: Links to screwdrivers and parts in the description under the video
    **RUS: Ссылки на отвертки и заменяемые детали в описании под видео

  2. Hi, I know this sound ridiculous. Is there video that show you how to put everything back to its place? Taking everything out seems easy to follow on video….but putting it back…looks like a daunting task since laptop assembling not same like desktop

  3. Nice one. But 2 things have to be mentioned – 1. The two screws above the hdd (not the ones that are holding it, but the ones hidden by it) don't really have to be fully removed; 2. You could make a full disassembly, but it's a good job anyway – you got my like. It's a good machine, despite being now old now. I recommend getting bios update A10 from dell for win7 users if haven't taken already.

  4. What is the thing that you put on top of the chip? You first removed it with the tissue and then added a new sort of whte glue? what is that white glue exactly? Thankss

  5. Thank You! this was so helpful. the outflow track was completely clogged, bringing the cpu temp up to 165 degrees F. luckily i felt the bottom and realized i could pop corn on it. it was that hot to the touch..

  6. Thanks! My fan was making a squealing sound and i found a bunch of hair in it after taking the whole computer apart, now its back to normal. Video helped a lot!


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