Dell Latitude 5491 Review – 14" Laptop with a 6 Core CPU


Lisa Gade reviews the Dell Latitude 5491, a rare 14” business laptop /Ultrabook with Intel Coffee Lake 8th gen 45 watt mobile workstation CPUs rather than 15 watt Ultrabook processors. The laptop is available with NVIDIA GeForce MX130 2GB DDR5 dedicated graphics and there’s a touch screen option. The Latitude 5491 has a wealth of ports- including Thunderbolt 3, Ethernet and an SD card slot. Being a business laptop, it has an excellent keyboard, Microsoft Precision trackpad and plenty of security features such as drive encryption, Smart Card reader, a fingerprint scanner and optional facial recognition via a Windows Hello IR camera.
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  1. I can't figure out what laptop to use as an upcoming IT student. I've seen your other laptop review videos but yeah I can't afford any of them

  2. You think this computer with the 6 to 8 GB ram version,run the program FL Studio my Dell Inspiron 9335?? (To many numbers haha) (amd a8, 8gb ram, 1tb ssd (I WILL BE IMMEDIATELY SLAPPING IT IN THEIR)) Ran it okay but the sound drives just keep crashing it's 4 -5 years old from personal use and bought it from work after 1 year of use

  3. I had a choice between the XPS 15 or this and yeah, the 1080 screen is nothing to write home about and neither is the fan noise, but it's beefy and you can stick it in a bag and not worry so much. I ended up redoing the themal paste on mine and upgrading the M.2 to a Samsung 960 pro series and I can say that definitely improved things over all. It's a fantastic for a power user, but if your going to just sit there and watch videos sticking to an XPS13 or the latitude 5490 is a far cheaper option as this thing isn't cheap.

  4. Got one of these at work. Really wish it was a thinkpad instead.
    The trackpad, "Trackpoint" type nipple and especially the keyboard on the Dell are borderline unacceptable.

  5. I bought this for coding. VScode with c++, JavaScript, python along with Android Studio and Eclipse for Java when I just need Java. I can run Android Studio easily with no issues and have about 13-20web pages open in Google (yeah I'm a tab horder), 3-4 word documents, and 3-4 PowerPoint open and I've never ran the CPU past 35% and the memory past about 44%. The build quality feels a bit cheap but after close to a year the build has degraded at all which has been surprising. The screen brightness does suck but turn up brightness to Max and it's fine. Does get loud but the heat is about normal to medium high heat for the given tasks. I plan on upgrading the RAM and SSD at some point. Only regret is now that I'm getting into VR/AR the graphics card won't cut it.

  6. Great Video ! Thank you very much for your Review.
    What is your thought on the 5591 in comparison to the 5491? Did they improve the cooling/fan system or is it exactly the same story, just an inch and half larger ?

  7. I have this model. I specked mine up with a 6 core, nvidia graphics, thunderbolt and windows hello. It's power packed. It's certainly a power user's workhorse. But with all that power comes heat. The fan runs loud and often even using Dell's power management application. That said I find it hard to quibble over given it's power. My other Latitudes (7470 and 6440) are a little better on the ears with the 7470 being almost silent. I just think Dell could have done a better job in that department or maybe I've just gotten accustomed to the near silence of the former.

  8. I think I'd prefer it with a dual fan, dual heat pipe setup and no option for a 2.5" drive. These are most often going to be used docked, so better cooling with more storage external if needed would be preferable.

  9. Excellent review: thorough & VERY technical. My employer provided this computer to me. It replaces a Dell Latitude E7250 my employer previously provided to me. I don't care for it. It's 1.5 inches longer than the older computer. Therefore, it barely fits into my tried & true brief case in service for more than 15 years and across a half dozen countries and more than two oceans / seas. The new computer is light enough, just too large. It'll never be used in an airplane because it is too large. This change also moves me from Windows Operating System 7 to Ops System 10. That's not the computer's fault, but it's an additional reason I don't like it. One thing that is really annoying is the Dell TB16 (thunderbolt) docking station that came with the new computer. The primary problems with this are: 1) the permanently wired cord that runs from the docking station to the computer is TOO SHORT!, 2) it's a big fat block that will not travel in my brief case or Skyroll suit case, and 3) it's just plain stupid.

  10. The bottom is actually 20% carbon fiber added PC, with some mica and talcum and fire resistant material added, which is not a cheap plastic as you may think, though it does look a bit cheap and undesirable. Because the bottom is thin, so you can easily twist it and it yields; but once joint with the palmrest, it quite strong. PC is generally used in many good quality travel cases, like Rimowa Salsa series, using PC as the case's body material.

    Latitude 5000 series uses a lot of PC-(MD+TD) as its body material (MD is mica, TD is talcum, they can increase the PC material's hit-resistance ability), and 20% carbon fiber added PC as LCD lid and bottom cover material. While latitude 7000 series use Magnesium-Aluminum alloy (aluminum 9%), as its LCD lid and bottom, and using 50% carbon fiber added PC as its palmrest, which might sound more premium.

    Well, all material DELL uses is from SABIC. By the way, PC is expensive than ABS, and is stiffer more resistant to hit and strike.

    I think DELL is good on its material choose and it sometimes does look ugly, but it really not 'cheap' plastic.

  11. Have you tried it on Linux? I have ordered one (same specs, except no MX150) and wondering if the LTE modem is going to work…

  12. Thank you for the detailed review. As a developer working primarily on Linux, instead of getting XPS 13' Dev. edition, I decided to get this Latitude 5491. Hopefully battery life and overal performace will meet my expectations.

  13. Hi Lisa, can you please review new Dell 14 inch 5482, 256GB PCIe NVME SSD model? Keyboard, screen, speed etc, for home use?

  14. Is it possibe to make it silent by Windows energy settings or will it turn on the fan anyway every time you start a program or open a large spreadsheet? And thanks for the review!

  15. Lisa, you and your team take laptops apart all the time. How about doing a shorty on what tools you use to do that. There seems to be oceans of tools on sale but for which tools on which machines? Just a thought. Regards,

  16. Hey there i wanted to ask if you can give me any recommendations on good laptops for Cad 3D modeling? It should be mobile as i will use it for for other university tasks as well. I watched almost all of your videos and it helped a lot to narrow it down a bit but im still very unsure what could be the right choice for me. I hope you will read this

    Greetings from Vienna ✌🏾

  17. Great review, disappointing laptop, especially for the screen, although it could had been a great option for ThinkPad converts otherwise!

  18. you look upset Lisa, is everything ok?

    about the laptop – that price for a laptop without a dedicated GPU and that cooling for such a powerful CPU are both terrible. I don't understand what people who make these things are even thinking.

  19. Latitude screens all suck. Just go with thinkpad T or P series and get the 4k screen. Keep this in mind, I got a thinkpad t580 which has i7-8560u, 16gb of ram, 4k display, extended battery, 500 gig ssd, 2 years next business day on site warranty repairs for 1400 from Lenovos site. Find me a Dell that will beat those features and price. You just won't.

  20. I love all the push to smaller than 15" to 14" and 13.3". Finally! Laptop should be light and portable. For desk work can always be connected to a monitor.

  21. I love Latitude laptops. Since my boss bought me a 14 inch Latitude back in 2010, I love the form factor. Few months ago, we had 12 Latitude 5490 that came in and they are still brillant. The form factor is perfect for me and they have all the ports that they need.

    Thanks Lisa for the review, as always 🙂

  22. Why all laptops do overheat and throttle ? I don't get it, add one more fan, make it thicker, I don't care… I just don't get it… seems like all manufactures do this


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