Dell Inspiron w/ Loose LCD Connection NO VIDEO / DISPLAY FIX

In this video, I check the LCD Screen connections of a Dell Inspiron 1100 to find that the LCD flex cable on the back of the LCD Screen is loose. After reconnecting the LCD cable, this laptop is working great.

Laptops parts are easy to break and the small connectors and plastic pieces can be expensive to replace. If you decide to work on your laptop, please take notes and take your time! If you would like me to check out your laptop we do a free estimate at my shop and have a fast turn around time.

Table Of Contents:

Removal of:

Battery 0:10
Power button 0:16
Keyboard 0:25
LCD flex cable 0:49
LCD Screen Assembly: 0:56
LCD Bezel Frame 1:24
LCD Screen 2:44
LCD Flex Cable Re Seat (Reconnect) 3:23
Applying tape to prevent future connection problems 3:48
Re assembly 3:57


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