Dell Inspiron 3521 5521 3537 how to upgrade ram and harddrive do it yourself


Techstore shows you how to upgrade the ram and harddrive of the latest dell inspiron 3521 series of notebooks.This method applies for 5521 as well and needs 1333/1600MHZ DDR3 ram
For 3537 you need to buy 1600Mhz DDR3L ram only.



  1. You mentioned 8gb + 8gb = 16gb upgrade possible. However I checked Dell forum and they say it supports only 8gb max (4gb per slot). Please clarify so I can buy the right one for my 3521.

  2. Thank you very much. Even I have the same laptop which you have. I have never known which part of laptop is where, I am very much novice. I use laptop for some very basic tasks. This video has helped me a lot. Even seeing RAM for the first time. See how much novice I am.

  3. So you are saying after I put the fucking new hard drive it will turn on right away ? You fucking stupid there is processes need to be done to install the windows on the new hard drive .🖕


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