Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 Core i7 4th Generation Unboxing


Dell inspiron 5537 is a budget gaming laptop. It has a 2GB Radeon 8850m for gaming. Watch my video as i unbox this product.

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  1. I am having the exact laptop but the ram is 4gb and the cpu speed 2.3 ghz but its a great laptop.Buy it.The price in india in 51000 I think so because I bought it from Dubai

  2. I have dell inspiron 15r. I am also facing black screen of dead and a continues beeaping sound. No display when press power button but have a beeping sounds. But I haven't gave up on it. tried with 10s press removing battery. Still problem exists!. then did power on and off for 10 times and then it comes with dell logo and boots !!
    but Now it's completely won't turning on and giving beep sounds.

    What could be the problem?? any suggestions?

  3. Hey, can you tell me please, where did you purchase this in Pakistan? I mean, did you purchase it from any Online Website? OR from a Physical Store. If from a website, please let me know the name, OR provide the same product link. Thanks!

    AWESOME Review (Y)

  4. hello, iam purchase this laptop couple of weeks before and iam change operating system ubantu to windows 7 ,and install all drivers but i can't work my graphics card properly , what iam do? need to change this one to windows 8?
    pls replay me ASAP.

  5. Actually the inspiron 14 7000 series black edition or red is better it offers 8gb ram expandable to 16gb ram and it has i5 or i7 core (your preference which core u like) and it has NVIDIA graphic card.

    This is just my preference. What's yours?

  6. This laptop is very very heavy.  It fell out of my laptop case onto asphalt from about 1 foot high… and it now looks like it went through a meat grinder with all the scratches and large dent on the corner along with a couple small black spots on the screen due to damaged pixels.  Pretty drastic for one drop.  Its just so heavy!

  7. my friend.
    bought one of these here in Brazil.
    with w8 and after upgrading from 8.1 to 8 w

    turned a disgrace, not back to hibernation.
    I have to go forced.
    you could solve this kind of problem ? why Brazil's support is a disgrace.

  8. Hello there, i need ur suggestion about this laptop, in market this laptop is available with AMD and without AMD gaming card, honestly speaking im not gaming freek person, but i'd like to see 3d movies. so tell me for which laptop i'd go for.

  9. I dont know which of those to chose: lenovo yoga 2, acer aspire v5 573g ,this dell inspiron 15 5537 or lenovo y40. So which of  this is the best, i want laptop for gaming (not serious gaming) and what need to have …. a touchscreen and maybe… LED keyboard backlight .So which one of those you recommend for me and which is the best?

  10. i bought a one  ,how can i sure if it has ATI 8850 or 8760 and fan didnt work after 2 hours  ,, is any can help ??

  11. I have had this laptop for about a month, but it can't play high rate games like titanfall or Final Fantasy 14: World Reborn.  This laptop is perfect for small time games, but not for first person shooters with such a high demand from the video card.  Overall, I love the computer and recommend it for everyone who splits their lives half-n-half like me, little bit of work, little bit of gaming.


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