Dell Inspiron 13 Black Edition 2-in-1 (7390) Review


Lisa Gade reviews the 2019 Dell Inspiron 13 7390 Black Edition 2-in-1, which is the top of the line for the Inspiron 7000 line. This is a 13.3” quad core convertible Ultrabook with a 4K display supporting pen and touch and it has an aluminum casing finished in Abyss Black. The laptop is slim and light and has 360 degree hinges for clamshell, tablet and tent mode use. There’s a 15” version as well, for those who like this but prefer a larger size. An NVMe SSD is standard, as is 16GB RAM, an Intel Core i7-8565U processor, a white backlit keyboard and fingerprint scanner. Starting at $1,150, it’s a compelling alternative to the more expensive Dell XPS 13 and XPS 13 2-in-1.



  1. This laptop is good looking premium device, but heat management is very poor. Device easily get 🔥 hot. Even in light work.

  2. I’m being paranoid about those hinges because it looks like one bad move and they’ll snap off, I’m considering exchanging it for a MacBook Pro, same price as this one, I don’t have the money to buy a third laptop if I keep this laptop and the hinges do break off

  3. This laptop is the answer for people who like the idea of the surface x, but actually want to run all apps natively at 64bits 😂 thx Dell, mine is on the way with 10th gen intel i7 👍

  4. I love your reviews so much. It's the reason I ended up going with the Dell 7373. Going into detail around upgradability, opening it up and still having a short video packed with useful information is just exactly what I want.

  5. Is the inner palm area a metalic-brush finish (like the HP Envy) or more plastic-like (like the Dell Latttidues)?

  6. i got this laptop a few months ago and im worried cause the sound of the speakers is terrible , has this happend to anyone?

  7. Thanks for the consistently great content! I just bought one of these (not identical, mine has a FHD screen) after watching your review.
    My only gripe is that the screen looks very warm in colour compared to my other monitor – is there any way to fix this? please help

  8. Thank you for the interview madam, I’ll be buying this for Christmas and you covered all my questions completely

  9. Hi, do you think that graphics here are working good for ocasional editing in Photoshop or Lightroom? No massive videos. And also will be better with the 10 generation update?
    Inspiron 13 7000 i7 16 ram 10 gen

  10. Is it worth upgrading the wifi card to Wifi 6 ? I noticed you said the wifi card is really good in there. But seems like im not getting good internet speed.. i have disabled SmartByte and only getting 20mbs or so when i have 150mbs wifi at home and 10 feet away from ac router.. any advice ?

  11. Please can you let me know something more about the use of the pen? I mean, you can write on anywhere for example in a web page or just in the note pages ? Thanks

  12. Got the exact laptop a few weeks ago and love it. It’s quiet, stays cool, has a great keyboard, has legacy ports & USB-C, and a great display. The fingerprint reader works all the time, every time (contrary to some reviews I’ve read). The versatility of a 2in1 is a lot more handy than I expected and I’m glad I got it over a traditional clam shell. Of course the pen storage is excellent, but I thought I would find the pen a lot more useful. I've yet to find anything that I can’t do quicker and easier with the keyboard. I can’t get used to note taking with it either. Maybe I’m missing something? The speakers aren't great, but for anything other than music they sound fine.


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