Dell G5 vs G7 – Gaming Laptop Comparison


The Dell G5 and G7 are gaming laptops that are quite similar in many ways, but also different in others. Let’s compare these two laptops against each other to find out how they differ and help you choose which one you should buy.

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Dell G5:
Dell G7:

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Dell G5:
Dell G7:

Check out my full review for each of these laptops if you want more information on the Dell G5 or G7:
Dell G5 Review:
Dell G7 Review:

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  1. Dude thank you so much for these videos, I have been able to make better decisions when it comes to buying PC’s. I love you (no homo)

  2. Great!
    Can you maybe please review the last model (Dell G7 15 7590, slim 19.9mm, with the i7 9th generation), it has RTX, slim bezels, 144hz display (maybe also brighter), and seems like a nice option beside the slim aero 15x and the razer blade 15 advenced (also the price might be much cheaper). Thanks!!!

  3. Not Happy with G5 and Dell!

    Have the G5 and the fan curve is terrible, runs super hot (hits 100c easily and then throttles, lots of complaints on Dell's forum) and can't be changed by the user. It also throttles to 0.8ghz on battery if cores are loaded and it really suck coz I use it for work and have to scale down on running apps and then it still just gets to 1.8ghz with almost no load. This is all due to BIOS changes after version 1.3.1 I think, on 1.9.0.

  4. Question how do I fix the dim screen in my G 5?? I put brightness to max but still looks soo dim!! Please help!!!

  5. Dell told me the G5 only supported Bluetooth 4.2, and the website only says "bluetooth". Where did you see that the G5 supports 5.0?

  6. I just want a fuckn badass rtx or even settle for a 1070qmax laptop to play all my emulators. Nothing else. Roms roms roms roms roms

  7. Hey Jarrod
    You were always the best as regarding reviews
    I have a small question
    Is it possible to replace the back vents grey cover on the G5 with the black one like the G7 or the one one Red G5
    Is there any site to buy this back vent cover as a replacement part
    Thank you

  8. Just got the G7 i7 on sale (open box). This thing chews up and spits out any game I throw at it. Emulators run at native speed, even with AA turned on, and upscaling for older games. Fans barely come on. Heavy, for a laptop, but who cares? Well done Dell.

  9. Is build quality better on G7?? I love the black and blue variant which is not available in G5!! Should I buy it?

  10. I have a quick question. My g5 only has an 8gb ram and I want to upgrade it to a 16gb. Would I be able to upgrade it. Also can this computer run adobe after affects on 16 gb ram?


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