Dell G5 5590 Review – GTX 1660 Ti for $1350!


Infinity Labs review of the 2019 Dell G5 5590 – a budget gaming laptop!

Display measurement report:

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  1. Totally wrong review. Just bought and 4 hours after unboxing now updating softwares. The screen brightness is awesome and colors perfect. I am a graphic designer and this looks fit even the brightness is 50 percent. And yes it has GTX 1660ti.

  2. What do you sugest for creators in this prices range? I means those specs are awesome for creators too, but the display not so good ;/

  3. Can this laptop work with Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder – Thunderbolt? to attach an external camera

  4. I ordered this last week and I’m expecting it to be here on Tuesday.
    And I’m just now watching reviews on it lol
    All sounds good except for the screen color. But I could always get a separate screen and plug it into it

  5. bought this thing after watching. no regrets. although i would suggest reinstalling with vanilla windows 10. the dell version is filled bloatware. but its dell so. the Linux support is nice. and when i bought it it was 1200$ labor day sales are great.

  6. Others have pointed out the title discrepancy with what you show in the video. Also worth pointing out that on the version with an actual 1660Ti, that Thunderbolt port is only a USB Type C w/ DisplayPort..

  7. Why is this dell 15 everytime i play online game with not charging i got bad ping but when i charge it i become fine

  8. Why the hell are you showing a FPS chart for the 2060 model if you're reviewing (and titling the video) the GTX 1660 Ti model? This makes no sense.

  9. Why would you show the benchmarks for the 2060 for the review of the 1660ti? Was it a mistake or just plain bad video editing? I came here for the 1660ti and expected the benchmarks for it. Very weird. Disliked.

  10. Just bought the i7-9750H, GTX 1650 variant of this laptop off the Dell website for a pretty good deal. Btw what's the lid material? Is it smooth plastic?

  11. Didn't the annoying ass I tel driver issues with this that's only available on dells website and won't install. Also it ships missing a major bios update which is essential because the system throttles like crazy until you install it. I hook it up to a hdr TV at home so screen color isn't a issue

  12. Nah, dell’s “gaming” g-series total trash, absolutely hate it. For less price you can get msi’s gl laptop with 120hz tn panel, which is even better than this panel, and at least it has MUCHMUCHMUCH better cooling system unlike these shits g-laptops

  13. Better options around at this price point. Lenovo 740 or HP Open 15 with Thunderbolt 3, Nvme drive and 144hz as standard.

  14. Agree on almost everything about this G5… it's much better than I expected! I love the feel of the chassis. It feels dense and rigid in the way the more premium Alienware M15, MSI Stealth, and Asus ROG Zephyrus do not. Port selection and configuration is great… Dell kind of nailed it.

    However, a few small points… I have this equipped with RTX2060/144hz display (which is much brighter and more vibrant), and the 97whr battery. MicroCenter has this configuration for $1299 in store with 16gb ram, 512gb nvme… and with all that in mind, it's an even better value if you have a MicroCenter nearby. Peace!


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