I’m not sure of the seller of this LED mislead me by telling me it was for UK 240V electric, but when I tigged on the solders it banged really loud.
I do not recommend bying LEDs from bad people becauise they go boom and may scare you.

And for those who actually read down to this level… The actual result of hooking a (really crappy) 100W LED directly across 240V was so boringly controlled that I had to beef it up a bit for a second take with hidden resistors underneath for some sparks and pops. See if you can spot them as I completely lose control of the LED at least twice during the video.
No good quality LEDs were harmed in the making of this video. Mainly because I can’t get any.

Nguồn: https://freecode.com.vn

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  1. You're suppost to hold the soldering iron on the place you want to solder so the solder can melt, it's about the heat not about how hard you push down.

  2. You probably welded it rong, so the bipolar alternating watts voltage current didn't actualy alternate. The spots are meant to alternet betwen black then white, but only gone black.

  3. I've been googling around for some tips on soldering and people recommended this channel. So here I am watching an awesome tutorial to soldering.

    People seem to recommend chisel tips but it seems pointy tips are better for the stabbing motion?

  4. If anybody didn't figure out this was a parody just from the cost (+shipping) and the specs, well, they need to get drunker than Clive had to be while making this video. ;>)

  5. The sellotape stopped the angry pixies (Ave) from running down the electric pipe, that’s why it’s gone bang bang fizzle pop. You kneed more wamps and whotts to fuzz it up bigger!

    I think I’ve got the Clive madness!!

  6. "100 year life"
    Thats so they can put on the box
    100: W, years life span, % not a fake, % guaranteed quality product, reasons to kill myself

  7. Chuckle … what fun, TIG -> Tap it Good (you needed a hammer). Some people opine Tap it Gently, but they are wrong.

  8. 😂This video is priceless!!! I see there's a lot of idiot's commenting that actually think you're being serious!😂😂😂👍😂👍😂👍

  9. How you do it:
    1st you use a lighter to connect the cables to the led that barbaric hitting wont solder it correctly
    2nd you dont use a power plug, instead you peel off the cable and stick the 2 cables straight in the socket
    holes and since its already using bipolar alternating watts doesnt matter which hole you put each one in
    3th the socket must be already connected to the main voltage
    with bare hands but put them in water just before plugging so you can provide them with the moisture needed for them to work and connect properly

    Otherwise it wont work and will burn everytime

    The part with the ground cable is on spot so you should cut it as well

    BEHOLD …

  10. "I just bought this from an eBay seller called – Happy fashion skirts."😳😂😂
    I choked on my vape laughing so hard I had to restart the video!


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