Creating a Floor Plan in Layout with SketchUp 2018's New Tools – Apartment for Layout Part 5!


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In this video, we’re going to create a floor plan in Layout for our apartment model using SketchUp 2018’s new section tools. This includes using different fills for exterior and interior walls (unfortunately, SketchUp 2018 still can’t do hatching in the walls, but the fills are nice). In addition, we’ll have different lineweights for the walls.


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  1. Thank you so much for you wonderful and helpful lessons for sketchup and Vray
    I have two questions about VRay
    First : some times when I'm trying to discover the effect of different parameters I found myself lost . Is there a way to reset the VRay to go back to the default settings?
    Second question: In the Vray you know that each shot needs different settings depend in the direction or day or night time and so on , and my question is there a way to save the setting of the shot that I can activate it at any time later.

  2. Very nicely explained! This is a little complicated and I will have to watch your video again and again to get the hang of it! Thanks a lot for posting such great videos on YouTube

  3. i sent you message on facebook page but no one answers me. please can you replay me? or is any other way to connect you? i need some suggestion from you about Flowify plugin using. please if you see messages and this comment, replay me. thanks.

  4. One question – Can you point me to a video that explains styles? I'm not understanding why you chose hidden line style for for the wall scenes that you stacked in LayOut. Thanks

  5. Ones I was talking about some "jharokha" ( a type of windows in Rajasthan, India)

    I am sending a link

    I just want to know which plugins I can use. For this

  6. This is great – thank you! My only minor critique is that I'd ask you to be consistent in referring to SCENES as SCENES and not referring to them as LAYERS. I understand that you're going to LAYER the SCENES in Layout, but in one of your later videos you talk about "bringing in different layers" and I was scratching my head about how to do that. You're bringing in different scenes. Now I get it. Thanks again.

  7. Want to send you BAT tokens from brave Browser to support your work. Plz verify your account with uphold certified publisher so I can send you tips of tokens. Thanks

  8. Thanks for the great tutorial. I am having one problem though: I do the same thing but with one scene for walls and one for furniture. If I go to layout and if i click the walls scene first but then switch to the furniture scene, the walls are not hidden, they remain visible (even though walls were on a separate layer and everything like in your tutorial). What's causing this? Walls are on layer 0 though….would that be it?

  9. Hello,Justin can you help me a make a presentation kitchen in layout.Thankyou you are mi maestro.

  10. Great video, proves you don't need to be an obnoxious YouTuber to get a message across, you just have to know wtf you're actually talking about. Keep it up!!

  11. Thank you so much for the tutorial. It saves me tutor costs big time and I am able to make architectural floor plan the way my professor wanted. I am going to check out how the Patreon works

  12. You have a special ability to make order from chaos, I think it starts with the Windows directory. Mine looks like a school kid's lunch box. Naming conventions are like road signs, so "Big Mountain house" works better than "Rural building #1". We have to put up the road signs as we go down the road first time, not knowing how far the road goes, or how many intersections might be coming up.

  13. What a whole lot of steps and needless work! I was always told how "easy" and "simple" sketchup is to use but watching this video makes me want to run away from it!

  14. This is so helpful! The small notes about layering etc are SOOOO good, its going to save me a tonne of time! Thanks!

  15. Hi! Great video- im putting a 2 story model into layout, but am having issues with the second story. In layout, when I copy and paste, and then changed the Sketchup model view to a different scene (ICF= 1, Service walls=2, Timbers=3), it is not pasting nicely in line with the first one, scale and location are off and I cannot seem to fix this.

  16. Are the layers you’re creating in Layout added to the Model’s Layers, or are they unique to Layout? Don’t you already have some of these layers?


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