Could this be the Best LED Studio Video Light?


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In this video we compare the Boling BL-50C Bi-Color continuous lighting kit with the Fiilex p360 bi-color led light to see which system is best for videographers in small studio spaces.

Gear used in this video:

Boling 3 Light Kit:

Fiilex P360 Bi-Color Light:



  1. This is a very usable review. Looks like a great set but the strong Magenta cast kills it as does the very slow changing of color and intensity.

  2. You could always try gels to correct for the color cast. With LEDs, you'll probably lose some quality in color rendition, but you might be able to get it closer to the natural light with some 1/8 plus green or something.

  3. The Mettle 50W MV-50D Bi-color Video LED costs $80 on Alibaba looks nearly identical, so much so that I suspect this is the exact same thing just with a different brand name. I think this might be a rip-off.

  4. the fiilex uses v mount or gold mount dtap batteries.. btw fiilex makes a fresnel attachment here is the link and the dtap cable

  5. No mention about contacting the company about the color shift in the two lights? Was it a bad set or are they all like this? Makes no sense why they would be like that. with the "50" being the same in both models I would expect near same LEDS and circuitry inside. Of course, the company might have been buying their LEDS from one source and switched to another and that is the reason for the color discrepancy. But honestly the review guarantees I would never buy these.

  6. Three lights that don't colour match each other, seriously? I've wasted enough time trying to correct magenta casts with plus green gel. No thanks.

  7. Ok, I'm not a video light user, but am looking for one for use with photography. I've never heard of Boling, but is it only me who doesn't understand how a company could charge such relatively high prices for poorly thought out design?! Do good quality digital potentiometer controls cost that much? I was cringing at the 'play' in the controls. Also, the logic behind having to spin them so much to change settings; they wont last at all.
    The batteries are too close to the controls, limiting easy controlling, plus why not seperate them with two controllers…more ergonomic. Or even put in a bluetooth enabled controlled, to control via a phone app or dedicated remote. So many products on the market are just wasted resources and not thought out or quality in function.

  8. So these are equally expensive as Aperture 120Ds, don't use a standard light modifier, don't go down lower then 10% power, don't have full remote nor DMX control…how much were you paid to feature these?! This is a very mis-leading review unless it was shot years ago and accidentally delayed until now.

  9. "A" LED kit to test out…..?????
    It's "An" LED kit to test out..
    It will be great when the YOOTS of the USA & Boob TooB learn to speak proper English instead of sounding like mooks..!! LOL!

  10. I would like to see these compared with the "CAME-TV Boltzen 55w Fresnel Focusable LED." I have the CAME-TV lights, and I really like the focusable aspect (as well as the price). Not sure how the brightness compares, and my lights are not bi-color.

  11. For the Boling zoom flash, could you not just add a blue gel on the front of it? That would correct the white balance completely, depending on the intensity of the gel used.

  12. Corny thumbnail. Does a photo gadget surprise you that much, looking like you’ve used electricity for the first time?


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