Could This Be My New Laptop? – ThinkPad X390 Review


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At first look, the Lenovo ThinkPad X390 is damn compelling.. but can it hold up against the Surface Laptop 2 and XPS 13?

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Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group.

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  1. don't force people to buy into your idea. it is major disrespect. I myself don't use the TrackPoint much. But, i see the usability when i work on documents and excels. it's not for a fancy pooku pooku tech guys like you who actually never stick with a machine and use it for years. you are like kids with fancy toys. I was annoyed by the tone you used while suggesting to remove TrackPoint. Our machines grow with us. thumbs down

  2. Or maybe they should keep the trackpoint and remove the trackPAD entirely so that filthy casuals like you don't even consider buying a Thinkpad. Seriously, what makes you "the authority" on this? Some people actually HAVE to use the trackpoint because they wear gloves when they work. Some people just find it way more convenient, and maybe if you learned how to type you would too. Lenovo's motto is clear: "For those who do.", so maybe you don't just DO enough with your laptops, since you just sit around spouting nonsense.

  3. get fired asshole, this video had ZERO research and its only your opinion the whole time, and NOBODY cares about your opinion…

  4. Trackpads really aren't that great in certain usecases TBH. Thinkpads are for people who are specifically looking for Thinkpads and not for a MacBook replacement. My current daily driver is an Elitebook and I mostly use the trackpoint

  5. the Bluetooth connection is very unstable, what the fuck is this shit?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    the fingerprint reader is not reliable either. the first thing I do when i receive this laptop from my company is remove all the levovo drivers and software

  6. I'm using X390 right now, and I am a owner of Surface laptop 1st gen. and let me tell you this, X390 is worse than shit

  7. For the price I would say no. Not that I need some crazy 4k screen, the 1080p screen on the x390 is subpar conpared to our XPS, and Latitude 7400 that has an even better 1080p screen. Sure, the keyboard is better than both subjectively, and I think the x390 is a very good laptop over all, and I guess it's not quite the X1 carbon price tag, but for just a little more money you can get so much more and that's my big gripe with this laptop. We have a mid level model we looked at for $1299 and some change. For that we got an i5, 16gb of ram and a 250 Nvme drive, with the 1080p screen option. Again, not bad for the price, but next to our 7400 we evaluated, that is within the same ballpark it's really not as competitive. Especially in regards to that screen. Once a company hits that magical $1,000 mark as the base config does, customers should expect a little more. The x390 in my opinion falls just a little short. It's still a great lsptop. I love it over all. But for the money better can be had.

  8. Smh, you have a clot mouse and then complain about the trackpad.

    Forget removing the clit, just remove the trackpad. So much more room for the keyboard.

  9. I know there are vocal minority that will complain about it but LinusTechTips you should have the "BALLS" just fire this guy because of disrespectful speech of him about trackpoint.

  10. I'm genuinely curious why users like the trackpoint. I never used the trackpoint heavily and only used it in some school laptops.

  11. THE TRACKPOINT (is the unique touch of the brand ) it's more artistic and useful for the technical guys > not for pretty little hands

  12. While typing in the middle of the keyboard, I keep hitting that very strange sensor pad under it and my mouse moves!. Can you Lenovo guys please remove this useless garbage? Trackpad I think they call it….

  13. I use the trackpoint 95% of the time when i dont have a mouse connected.I dont understand how it gets in the way when typing. If thinkpad removes the trackpoint, ill buy a different brand.

  14. I don't know what it is but this has got to be the first ltt video I've watched where it feels like the host is reading off a script, I know they always are but this time it feels a bit more… Forced?

  15. Dont talk shit about my track point. Fuck you!!! I dont even use the track pad on my ThinkPad!!! stay the fuck away from my track point

  16. My first Thinkpad was an X60s that did not HAVE a trackpad. I bought it on faith sight unseen based on reviews of the keyboard and build quality and learned to use the trackpoint exclusively. I know how to use a trackpad and the trackpoint is far superior. If Lenovo ever eliminated the trackpoint, I would never buy a Thinkpad. It's one of the main reasons I buy Thinkpads.


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