China universal lcd/led tv board installation total tutorial


Popular Universal LCD / Led Motherboard installation & learn .universal LCD TV controller board is a VGA/HDMI/av/TV/USB can almost every type of LCD (7 inch to 60 inch) can run with this Motherboard .Resolution: support 1920*1080 (max) Voltage of screen: 3.3V/5V/12V DC Power Supply.



  1. I found your video useful. I have installed in my 32 inch sansui led tv; but when I use the usb to see the downloaded pictures to view the board gives usb contents but could not play the contents.What would be the reason? Kindly help. mail

  2. আমাকে বানিয়ে দেওয়া যাবে ভাই? কত টাকা হলে কম্পিলিট সেট দিতে পারবেন?

  3. I just bought a 8503 lcd controller board, the product readily come with free program driver board so it says no need firmware, but when I power on the screen, only white light and nothing happens, do you have any idea why? how do I check if the board really has a software installed in it?

  4. i have an universal lcd/led tv board v 53.03 and screen of 19" resolution 1366*768 can you send me a link where i can download the required firmware

  5. hola muy buen tutorial.tengo una placa tv 56031 y necesito hacerla funcionar con un panel t200w02 de 21 pulgadas y 6 lamparas.las lamparas encienden pero no se muestra donde puedo sacar firmwares para probar?gracias

  6. you must check the voltage of TCON before !! there is 3.3 to 12 volts !! in the main board you find jumpers to configure it !!


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