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I have such mix feelings about this series. I didn’t like the repetitiveness, it was the same – he loses control and she saves him – over and over again. And there were a lot of unnesessary side stories that didn’t really lead anywhere. Most of all, there wasn’t enough romance for me. This was mainly about fighting and cool but overly used CGI effects. I guess that’s what happens when you watch a drama series based on a RPG game. Okay, enough with the negatives.. Some parts of this series was actually interesting. I really like the touching moments. And there were moments that made me laugh. Overall, I didn’t regret watching this but I wouldn’t watch it again.

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Song: Cherish by Li Yu Chun

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  1. the main girl calls the dude Susu and takes him to the Peach Blossom place unknowingly that Yang Mi plays Susu in ten miles of peach blossom a few years later

  2. As the viewer , I don’t want the sad ending but we all know he can’t be cure, the demon inside him is hard to control . The existence of the girl is perfect enough to spend some more time before he died. At the end , girl spend her rest of life find him back just to cure her depression, believe he still here but can’t see . I thought it has season 2 but it turn out to be not . I think if this drama release now , maybe it will has season 2 because people start to interesting in Chinese drama

  3. I respect your opinion, i just want to say some of my thoughts: on the not enough romantic part, i'm guessing you're meaning no kiss scenes or others? I actually like that, they're love is purely on the feelings to each other, they connect on a spiritual way, from the way they look at each other and some small interactions it's still really sweet for me, another reason why there wouldn't be too romantic scenes is because susu's character is pretty cold on the outside, and inside he's kinda dull and inarticulate, because before he doesn't really hang out with anyone so he doesn't really know how to socialize and make girls happy and do all those romantic things, for as long as i remember he never even said i love you to her or directly to her, even when he was kinda confessing, but even so i could still feel the strong love he has for her from his caring eyes and always standing infront to protect her, he is also pretty cautious when he's with her, he doesn't want her to be near him because he's afraid he would accientally hurt her; and the repetiveness, is the process of him gradually falling in love, the girl already really likes him from little, but susu doesn't remember her, in the beginning she's a complete stranger and doesn't really want to talk to her, but from the many times she harms herself to save him, he is touched, their relationship does go pretty slow; and for the side stories, i find them pretty interesting too, i feel that even though susu and qingxue's the main line, but if the whole series is completly revolved around them it gets too plain, there should be more elements, more stories within a story, and i think these stories ties and fits in together quite well, for example shaogong and xunfang, if there wasn't their story i feel there wouldn't be susu and qingxue's story… last i really love this series,watched it like 3 times😂😂every actor is really good(especically liyifeng haha) the actions were really cool too❤❤

  4. Would cry everytime when susu dies😭😭 that summer was the best summer, because i got to watch the best drama, and i got to know the best liyifeng❤ love susu and fengfeng forever❤❤ for those who like these kind of genre series, i also recommend legend of zhu xian❤

  5. This song is defiantly the theme song from I think The legend of…. I forgot but I was obsessed with this theme song and now it's in my head again. 😀

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  7. I agree with your review. I was pretty excited to watch this drama, but overall it didn't really satisfy me the way I wanted it to. I would have appreciated if there were actually more romantic scenes between the two.

  8. This movie is so good but I watch the end of this movie is the Actor is die. Why chinese movie want the Actor or Actress die.

  9. It's based on RPG game. She is the healer, and only her power could calm him. I'm surprised to see so many negative feedback on that part. I think they stayed true to the original storyline. I probably dislike the ending…I can't accept the fact she is spending the rest of her life search for ways to bring him back. It ends without hope of ever getting him back…and she still be searching till she dies. Which is pretty depressing and pointless.

  10. omg thanks for the vid,i did watched this show until  to the end yeh it was kinda disappointing the only thing i kept on watching was the action,they werent  much romance in it which was a great disappointment to me but overall the show was okay but wil ldefinately not watch it again

  11. I totally agree with you, I really like the beginning, it was interesting and makes me want watch on but when it comes to the mid eps  it just keep going down slope. ON and ON of the girl saving the guy. Made me stop watching. But thank you so much for making this video. Now i kinda know what goes on after the eps i stopped. And i guess it ended with a sad ending. 🙁 


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