Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Vs Moro Begins! Moros Mistake Against Vegetas NEW Power(Fan Manga)


With Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 61 looming, The Beyond Dragon Ball Super Manga reveals the fan depiction of Goku Vs Moro as Moro defeats Ultra Instinct prior to Vegeta arriving! Is this whats expected to happen within the official manga as well? Vegeta Vs Moro begins as Vegeta saves Goku from Moro! Vegeta begins to outpace Moro but Moro continue to increase in power, making Vegeta stumble but not lose focus! Will we see a Majin Buu return for a Majin Buu Vs Moro Rematch at some point on earth? Will we see Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Moro? Yardrat Vegeta Vs Moro? Will Moro continue to get even stronger after battling our heroes to the points of even becoming stronger than both Goku and Vegeta combined? Stronger than Ultra Instinct? Are we going to see an in-depth battle involving Gohan Vs Moro? Piccolo Vs Moro? Android 17 Vs Moro? Be sure to subscribe for more daily Dragon Ball Content!

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  1. ✔️ Fan Manga Playlist Link


    🔹 The Return Janemba In The NEW Dragon Ball Super Movie?


  2. Good manga vegeta held is own with speed reason spirit control allows vegeta to drop his chi so it can't be sensed by moro so his spirit control would be a kai o Ken only the pressure on goku muscles wouldn't affect vegeta spirit control, I think vegeta spirit control is a kai o Ken but definitely different because vegeta can movement unorthodox while making his chi,that could be vegeta ultra instinct but with a different name

  3. GOD, thats why I dont subscribe to youtubers, it was over a min of you asking us to subscribe, like damn you all beg

  4. That dumb up and smile on his face. Now that's the Vegeta I've missed. He always deserved to shine because he worked the hardest. I love how Goku seems so proud of him. True saiyan brothers in arms.

  5. Love to see if finally In Dragon ball Goku isn't the one that defeates the main vilian. Vageta finally gets one on his belt

  6. Do you really, Really, really want Moro to easily out absorbs vegeta in his master spirit control mode and win ?

  7. Vegeta arrogance finally he’s backing it up I’m all for vegeta saving the day this time about damn time! And wait can vegeta have the ability to heal his self now?

  8. I don't think Vegeta has gotten much faster or stronger than before, I think Vegeta can control his ki perfectly now, meaning he if Moro tries to consume his power he won't be able to absorb anything because Vegeta can suppress it. This would work in reverse as well, so he can also expand it. Think when Trunks came back from the future and Goku blocked his sword with just his one fingers but on a God level now. That being said he won't be strong enough ultimately to take Moro down. This would make for awesome content tho like firing off a ton of ki blasts that when absorbed would not grant any strength to Moro but rather act as a distraction and have some mixed in that would be full power when Moro lets his guard down to kind of be sneaky.

  9. Who all are OG dragonball fans? Do you remember goku coming back to earth from yardrat? How advanced he was. Now do you remember how much harder vegeta always went in training and pushing himself. Imagine the spirit control that goku acquired and have vegeta do that now after all these years of going 9000% I knew back in 2004 that vegeta was the one.

  10. Wow ur incredible man 😳hope the original storie goes as u made ur really awaome i just started watching ur videos before an hour and i cant stop me 😘😍ur really awsome dude

  11. I want a real return of Gohan.. I'm talking another Mystic Gohan vs Super Buu but up to the current times. Better thought out.

  12. Although this is only just my opinion, since I have already seen the DBS Broly movie I want to believe that Vegeta has achieved super saiyan green.

  13. I still want vegeta ultra instinct or a form that rivals ultra instinct. Don’t care about anything else. I just need vegeta to be that guy

  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Goku only went into UI omen not Mastered UI??? Don't get me wrong I'd love to see Vegeta finally have his day and one up Goku but from it's long history of Dragonball we all kinda know how this is gonna end.

  15. WHAT IF… …Vegeta is putting himself into a position to where he is going to exponentially magnify his power.?.. Hear me out. What if Vegeta is is using the duplication ability already (which splits power between the copies and user) ,and what we are seeing now is perhaps a copy or original Vegeta now with copies hidden off screen. Every time Vegeta wanted to get stronger, all he would have to do is sacrifice a copy off screen to return that power to himself, theoretically. Correct? That would be absolutely retarded if he was already this strong with hundreds of copies of himself, ready to sacrifice. Moro did say that Vegeta's energy was completely restored after a pounding, and he did say that Vegeta's power did feel "heavier"… Story is likely to not to go this way, but would be bad ass! (Pardon my French) This would definitely secure the W over a main villain, and give Vegeta fans the long awaited return to the throne of all Saiyans. Thumbs up if your a Vegeta fan


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