Looking for the best SAMSUNG LAPTOP of 2019? Look no further.
Here are the top 10 SAMSUNG LAPTOPS e that are worth paying attention to:

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1. Samsung Notebook 7 Spin –
A solid 8th-gen 2-in-1 with plenty of battery life. Samsung Notebook 7 Spin isn’t the fastest 2-in-1 convertible on the block, it boasts an enticing combination of solid quad-core performance and impressive battery life, all in a reasonably small and affordable package. This is the best 2-in-1 Samsung laptop!

2. Samsung Notebook 9 –
Samsung’s Notebook 9 packs great power and battery life in a plain package. Samsung doesn’t cut any corners though when it comes to internal hardware. Make no mistake this is a powerful notebook, especially with that dedicated NVIDIA graphics processor.

3. Samsung Notebook 9 Pen –
The Samsung Notebook 9 Pen does a lot of things right. It’s amazingly light, super fast, has both facial recognition and fingerprint security, and keeps a lot of the ports that other PC makers leave out. This is the best Samsung ultrabook!

4. Samsung Odyssey Z –
The Samsung Notebook Odyssey Zis definitely a notebook aimed at gamers, but the six-core i7 might also make this a good choice for those who need a powerful notebook for things like video editing and rendering. This is the best Samsung gaming laptop of 2019.

5. Samsung Notebook 5 –
The new Samsung Notebook 5 suffers from a squishy keyboard and a small amount of storage for its price, but it might be just the perfect laptop for a specific person: someone that prioritizes lasting power and performance above all else … and can get used to that keyboard.

6. Samsung Chromebook Plus –
The Samsung Chromebook Plus, while pricey, is an attractive option for its premium build and versatile convertible form factor along with its bright, clear screen with more-than-full-HD resolution. And the bundled Samsung Pen is convenient for quick sketches and other instances when you need a stylus for fine control. This is the best Samsung chromebook!

7. Samsung Notebook 3 –
Take your entertainment to the next level and watch the world come to life on the Samsung Notebook 3 vibrant Full HD resolution display. It makes your content nearly twice as sharp as most HD displays on the market. When it comes to aesthetics and portability, the Samsung Notebook 3 is ahead of its class. Featuring a truly refined and stylish design, the Notebook 3 is easy to take wherever you go. The Samsung Notebook 3 comes with 1TB storage and is upgradable with an SSD and up to 16GB of RAM to let you do more faster.
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