Best Bang for Buck RING LIGHT for YouTube! | IVISII 19 inch LED Light REVIEW


Best Ringlight money can buy for YouTube, beauty, makeup videos. Full of features and good for live streaming and mobile content.
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Video produced by Lauri Pesur
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  1. Thank you for making this video ♥️I have a question my remote isn’t working the light comes on and all of that but it’s not connecting with the light ring it won’t do anything am l doing something wrong😖

  2. Hi there. Which F type sony batteries to be specific does it use? You said you'll put it in the descriptionsome examples but you didn't 🙁

  3. Omg! Bless you for this video. I’ve watched a couple of vids b4 yours and you’re the only one that mentioned the batteries! Also…I thought I had to charge my light since it was on 1% … thanks to you I now know it’s the dimness % of the light 🤣🙏🏾

  4. That light doesn't seem very bright? Does the packaging include the lumen output? And also, unless I missed it in the video, I don't think you ever mentioned the Brand by name?? I apologize if I missed it that part.

  5. Very good review? An in use Q. So the lights on the stand, and it’s butting up against a 24” table. You are on the other side at ~30”. Are you close enough for that diameter light to illuminate you properly to get the benefits of ring lighting? Or is it necessary sit at a closer distance to get optimal ring effect coverage? More to the point, what is the optimal/ideal distance to be from the light?


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