In this video I will show you 5 AMAZING Android TV launchers. These 5 Launchers will totally transform your device and are 100% FREE. If you are looking for cool Launchers to spice up your Android device then this is the video for you. Best Android TV Launchers 2019
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  1. No, atv launcher is horrible..very very horrible…atv couldn't work well on android 9. tv stick. I set it as dafault launcher but it sucks

  2. TDoc I don't have a channel maybe you could mention Niagra launcher for me it is clutter free easy non intrusive I found it to be the best launcher for A95X Max pro with good wallpaper options.

  3. Good info. I think Nova and HAL are better for Android boxes. TVLauncher and ATV are better for Firesticks. TVLauncher has not even worked on any box with 7.1 or higher that I tried. The opposite seems true for Nova and HAL.

  4. The Man the Myth the Legend and in parentheses would be TDUK. Always a treat for us when you bring the world, the little things that make our lives easier or cooler. Top Marks to he who is at the head of the class. But enough already and on to my eager question I have know doubt you'll have the answer to.
    Out of all the launchers do any of them offer live wallpaper I had one a long time ago that kinda had live gif feature that I could access from Google drive. But do these apk's have full live feature or should I be looking forward to a future video? What say you? 👍👋

  5. Another awesome video TDUK! We all do appreciate everything you show us..it’s nice to have options and you take the time to show us how to use and customize them to your own liking..Thank you sooo much!! 👍


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