Basics of ipconfig, ping, tracert, nslookup, and netstat


A quick tutorial to introduce basic network testing tools like ipconfig, ping, tracert, nslookup, and netstat. Cisco CCNA 1



  1. it's too bad there isn't a command that combines netstat -a with netstat -an. So you can see name AND port together. Why isnt that a thing

  2. Sir can you tell me about what is a unusual username in network computer. It happened to me a lot of times and then the site on my browser started to have problems like it moves up and down. Then I the speed of my internet goes slower. I usually goet problems too with logging in with my Skype login and even my Microsoft login and Yahoo login too at the same time. But when I close my internet wifi. I don't encounter any problems like these things. Can you tell me what's the problem or what's going on? Is it possible that my laptop is being back? I don't have any access with the admin logging in for my router as my brother have it and doesn't want to give it too me. But the router usually owned by my father but my father doesn't have any idea about wifis and routers or any technical stuffs. i can even open the admin site where I can login and open the admin for the router and I can't manage it as I have no access. I wanted to know if my brother usually manage the router speed and everything. Is there any way I can access it without asking him about the username and the password for the admin of our router internet? I think he created firewall that is why even I type the up address for the router can not even give me access. Is there any way I can break the firewall and enter the admin for the routers up address. Going back with problem with unusual username sir and also problem with the internet. Whenever I have scheduled with my online application for online jobs I usually encounter these problems only in my laptop but not I haven't had any problems with my smartphone. Can you help me with these kinds of problems by creating new videos relating with my problems too. Pretty please sir. You'll be my savior if you do that.

  3. Thanks for the video bro it helps me out alot bro im taking this field very serious even though im still in my beginning stages but eventually We all become professionals depending on our ambition of course. Keep up the good work homie. Shout out from salt lake bro. Keep emm comin!
    Chuck up the dueces!!

  4. Cisco CCNA 1: Introduction to Networking and Network Basics tutorials. With new videos to coincide with the newly released Cisco Academy CCNA 5.0 curriculum.

  5. Is there some command prompt to help and find a looping problem between cables conection (path panels and switchs)? Thank you very much!

  6. Sorry, but, this was ok. Unfortunately though, it was too quick and left out too many details that really needs to be explained. It was ok, but could have been better.

  7. Danscourses: The very best on the web; very useful, very motivational, removed fear of the great Linux command structure; my 4 and 9 yr. old kids love Dan; I love Dan; Thank you, Dan…very very much!!!

  8. Hi, Just a minor observation. You actually can can go to the NIC on the task bar, right click and go to STATUS and then choose the SUPPORT tab to see your Dynamic Ip address. If more is required you can go to DETAILS.

  9. The problem with ping is that the hackers know the new machine will ping out and then they will follow it right back to you. So when you ping out everybody listening can hear it.


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