Asus ZenBook UX430UA Review – Nice for the Price


Lisa Gade reviews the 14” Asus ZenBook UX430UA, a classic ZenBook Ultrabook that brings a classy and lightweight aluminum chassis and high end appointments at price that’s lower than many competitors. The 15.9mm thick laptop runs Windows 10 on the 8th gen Kaby Lake R Core i7-8550U quad core 15 watt CPU with 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. It has a matte IPS display, weighs just 2.76 lb. / 1.25 kg and is 15.9mm thick. The notebook has a USB-C port, backlit keyboard and Intel UHD 620 graphics (the UX430UN model has NVIDIA MX150 graphics. Computer Upgrade King provided our review loaner. The UX430UA lists for $1,099 and is often sold around $1,000.

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  1. Hello and thanks for your review. I just got an ASUS UX430U and I noticed the fan noise, which makes me uncomfortable. I have had a Lenovo ideapad U430p since 5 years ago and wanna replace it with this ASUS, but frankly the fan noise of my new ASUS is higher than fan noise of my old Lenovo. I have two more issues with my new ASUS. Could you please help me understand them?

    1- When I close the lid, it probably goes to sleep mode, and I left it for hours and then come back to use it, I notice that the part of its back near power input is warm to hot! Sth happens there while it's on sleep mode. Why? That does not happen to my old Lenovo and it's completely cool during the sleep mode.

    2- When I click fn+f3 and turn off the backlit, after a moment, especially if I start using keyboard, it again automatically turn on the backlit with the lowest degree. I don't like this automatic action! How could I fix this?

    Thanks in advance for your help and suggestion.

  2. Would the coil whine affect how long the laptop will last for? I’m a first year student, I got one of these (UX430UA if that makes a difference) and I need something that’ll last for the next 4 years or so. Also, does the base 1 year manufacturing warranty cover the coil whine issue if I were to get it? Thanks

  3. You can praise it all you want but poor keyboard, and dismal brightness is deal breaker for me, You want a little more than a decent keyboard, and then you need dongles, so what is so great about it. I can get one much cheaper on ebay with the same specs, more ports, better keyboard, and brighter, plus non upgradable , again what is so great about it. Poor assessment for you Lisa

  4. I just bought this laptop because it’s currently very cheap compared to other newer laptops with the same specs. It got extremely hot just by setting up windows, and eventually it began making a loud fan/crackling noise whenever I would turn it on. I looked it up and it seems to be a very big issue with this model. I don’t recommend buying this and I’m going to return it immediately.

  5. I have this one! A great ultrabook..with high specs…high finish…ultra slim …ultra compact ….8 h battery…a lovely matt display…super great speakers ( herman kardon) ….for 500 dollars …you can get a premium ultrabouk with 512 ssd, 8g ram, i7 and a very good graphic card ( hp 6400) …
    And no coil whine…😋😋

  6. Finally ditched my Macbook for this one. So awesome for the price. Thanks so much for the great review Liza!!

  7. The only thing about this laptop i don’t like is the screen. I don’t like it is the matte screen and it has a plastic bezel

  8. I was thinking of getting an MSI but I watched pretty good review and MSO was one of the “Bad” models. The Zenbook pro was on the good list but the ones I was coming across were way too expensive but I think this is a good product especially for the price! Def at the top of the list but I’m not buying until early December so that may change…

  9. I had to return it to the repair store 3 times as it was brand new and making a weird electrical noise from the keyboard. All three times they changed the motherboard but the problem insisted. Finally I got a replacement (not ASUS of course) but totally dissapointed for this price

  10. I'm planning on buying this laptop soon, do you guys know if it is a good option for someone who uses photoshop, illustrator, premiere and autocad? Thank you in advance!

  11. In our local shops and on Asus website I see this same model also with i5 and i3 CPUs, and also SSD can differ among editions. So, buyers beware, it's not i7 always.

    Of course, lower specced editions cost less and are still great choices if you don't need i7. I guess, those who already have a desktop PC for gaming and more demanding tasks, and are considering an ultrabook as an occasional portable device for work while traveling, might be totally satisfied with less than i7 CPU performance. Sometimes durability, design and features matter more than maximum performance. i5 is enough for most of everyday tasks.

  12. Just bought it yesterday this is an excellent laptop BUT the touchpad is terrible I don't know if it's software or hardware related. Basically it clicks when you don't want to, it doesn't when you want. I tried lowering the sensitivity but no luck.This ruins everything I mean for a 700 euros laptop come on Asus !

  13. Best $1000 laptop? I’m in graduate school studying communication disorders to become a speech pathologist. Need a solid laptop for class, listening to sound files of client therapy after class, and I also play dota 2. Recommendations?

  14. I just bought one of these and I am loving it. I have a 4000 Canadian dollar desktop and this zenbook is almost just as fast. Yeah the desktop runs at 4GHz non stop wheras the zenbook has a variable CPU frequency of 1.8 – 3.9 which helps keep the power down. The zenbook deluxe looks to high end with the gold trim in my opinion. Only complaint was that the USB port wont allow charging.

  15. I have kind of the same (almost, UX430UN) but with 8GB, wondering if there are a big difference just to open 20 tabs in chrome or see netflix.


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