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Find about the Asus Zenbook ux430un gaming, display, battery, keyboard, processor, graphics card, cooling system and more features & specs more about this Asus Zenbook ux430un ultrabook laptop in this Asus Zenbook ux430un review.

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First thing first, we did not get a chance to perform the Asus Zenbook ux430uq unboxing. So dive right into the review of this device. Design wise, Asus Zenbook ux430u is one sleek laptop! It is small and compact, and very thin. In terms of thickness, it is the same as Dell XPS 13 and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Also, at just 1.3kgs, it is really light. It is one of the thinnest laptops I’ve used, and I, personally, think all notebooks should be built like this. You won’t have any problems carrying it around, be it in your backpack, or even a messenger bag for that matter.

The keyboard and trackpad on this laptop are great. The keyboard was fun to type on with a good amount of feedback. The 1.4 mm of keyboard travel is decent, and we can’t expect more than that on a laptop this thin. The arrow keys, however, are smaller than other keys, and that’s something you’ll have to get used to.

The trackpad is also really nice, with a good feel. It’s definitely better than the plastic ones, but this isn’t one of the best trackpads around. Again, the Dell XPS 13 has a slightly superior trackpad, with better accuracy. the fingerprint sensor on the top right of the trackpad is a bonus, and it’s also pretty fast as well.

In the performance department, this laptop shines through and through. It comes with the latest Quad-core 8th gen i7-8550U processor. Now this 15W processor is based on 14nm technology, and its base clock is about 1.8 GHz, but it has been configured at 1.99 GHz in this laptop. It does go all the way up to 4 GHz, and combine that with a 16 GB RAM – which isn’t upgradable by the way.

We kind of know that ultra-portable notebooks like this one, aren’t meant for gaming. But it does have a 2 GB MX150 graphics.

You can do light gaming on this laptop, like CS: GO or DOTA 2. For the Asus Zenbook ux430ua gaming review, I also tried FIFA and they ran without any hiccups.

The battery life on Asus Zenbook ux430uq ultrabook is good, but not as good as the competition, like that of the Dell XPS 13.

As for the storage, you get a 512 GB SSD, which, isn’t NVMe. But it’s still fast, providing about 550 MB/s of Read speeds and up to 510 MB/s Write speeds on our tests.

So as for my verdict, this is a laptop for those who want lightweight and portability along with a sturdy build. It also gives you a really good performance, and for that, the price of Rs.130000 in Nepal isn’t bad. Yes, it costs $1100 internationally and is priced nicely here too.
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  1. Review for ASUS ZenBook UX430UN Laptop:

    I have had this ASUS now for more than 2 months.


    – It includes fantastic Processor & Memory & Drive.

    – Compared to its competitors, it’s very light weight (under 3lbs) and thin.

    – Compared to its competitors, the price is highly reasonable.

    – It has micro HDMI port and I think it’s because reducing the weight. That’s a good idea because the HDMI to micro HDMI adapter is very cheap (you can easily find a good one on Amazon).


    – The noise of its fan is very high, especially when it’s open and charging. Therefore, try to charge your laptop while it’s off/sleep.

    – When you close the lid, it goes to sleep mode, but a small part of its back near power input becomes warm to hot! Sth happens there while it's on sleep mode. I searched and I found that in Windows 10, CPU is working during sleep time and awakening the laptop. Some YouTube clips tell you how to avoid this problem. I did my best, but I could not handle the problem. Therefore, I changed the power option in which when I close the lid, it goes to hibernate not sleep. When in hibernate mode, laptop becomes cool and the CPU is not working.

    – The backlit keyboard turns on automatically, so it drains your battery. When you click fn+f3 to turn off the backlit, and then you start using keyboard in a not-complete light room, the backlit again automatically turns on on the lowest degree. My Search shows that there is no way to cancel this automatic option!

    – The most important thing that I’m now deciding to return it to Costco before 90 days comes up: During the past few weeks, I have encountered with “blue screen” several times when the ASUS was coming up from sleep or hibernate modes. Many already reflected to this problem in their reviews. There is no way to explain this problem and it seems it will be becoming worse and worse. The only way that you can get rid of that blue screen is by pressing the power button for few seconds, so the laptop will shut down!

    – As many already said, the power button is where the Delete key is supposed to be. It’s annoying at first but finally it’s just a minor issue. However, ASUS has changed this problem in its updated versions of ZenBook; you can see them in Costco website as well.

    – I can just say the touchpad is not great and you don’t feel comfortable using it for, for example, creating power point slides and so on.

    – I can just say the battery life is not great and if you really want to use it for around 8 hours without recharging, you have to put the power mode on “battery savor.”

  2. Hello and thanks for your clip. I just got an ASUS UX430U and I noticed the fan noise, which makes me uncomfortable. I have had a Lenovo ideapad U430p since 5 years ago and wanna replace it with this ASUS, but frankly the fan noise of my new ASUS is higher than fan noise of my old Lenovo. I have two more issues with my new ASUS. Could you please help me understand them?
    1- When I close the lid, it probably goes to sleep mode, and I left it for hours and then come back to use it, I notice that the part of its back near power input is warm to hot! Sth happens there while it's on sleep mode. Why? That does not happen to my old Lenovo and it's completely cool during the sleep mode.
    2- When I click fn+f3 and turn off the backlit, after a moment, especially if I start using keyboard, it again automatically turn on the backlit with the lowest degree. I don't like this automatic action! How could I fix this?
    Thanks in advance for your help and suggestion.

  3. Please people, DON"T buy this peace of cheat! it overheats and gets noisy, quality of plastic is terrible, the battery life is good only on poor performance… Go with the different brand, ASUS dissapointed me…

  4. If you want to know whether this laptop is good for — Programming,Video editing,Photo editing… watch my video 👉—

  5. Amazing review. You are probably one of the very few reviewers who've mentioned about the lack of a 2nd heat pipe for the GPU (and hence the extremely high temps). Thanks for the helpful review. Cheers from thy southern neighbour.

  6. As expected… the quality of your reviews is of the highest standards… pleasantly surprised by your expertise in laptops as well… Excellent work…
    I don't agree with the verdict though… If someone is prepared to shell out 130 grands then it'll be wiser to spend 20 grands further and get a Dell XPX 13 which is in its own league…


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