ASUS X454L Battery Replacement


ASUS X454L Battery Replacement
Hello, Tubers – In this video, I fully Disassembly and Reassembly this laptop, take out the inside BATTERY and show you how to do it. 🙂
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  1. i sent my asus to this one computer shop at my place, recommended by my friend for the good service to change the HDD and upgrade RAM, and the repair guy stole half of my laptop screws which I realized months after it. can't do anything about it. my bad, i didn't check first before because i was in a rush. now the battery got problem. bought in 2016 though. i don't even use it for hardcore gaming or prolonged hours of work. suspect something is done to my asus without my knowledge.
    thank you for the video. I'll change the battery on my own.

  2. Hello, i have question, i need to know why this PC is turned off, so to discard that its the battery, ir can be removed and tested with the power conector only? Thank you! God of Asus xd

  3. Hi techtips I have a question is it ok to remove the battery like not replacing it and i will just use ac adapter? is it safe? the reason why I want to remove the battery because when ever i play games plugged in the game lags but when unplugged its totally fine. I think its because of the battery?

    Any tips for this ? or advice would be great help
    Thanks in Advance
    Greetings from Philippines


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