ASUS VivoBook E200HA Review – $199 Windows Laptop – compared to X205TA

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) -Asus refreshed their very popular X205TA with the E200HA running with an Atom Cherry Trail. See more cheap 2016 laptops:

0:40 – Hardware overview
1:45 – Ports
2:07 – Keyboard and trackpad
3:37 – Battery life
3:53 – Web browsing and YouTube / video streaming
6:14 – Microsoft Word and Office
7:02 – Gaming and Minecraft
8:43 – High bit rate movie playback with Kodi
9:29 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This is an excellent value and a very well rounded sub $200 laptop. It performs well, has excellent battery life of over 10-11 hours, and has more consistent gaming performance as compared to other 2016 laptops we looked at – namely the Stream 11 from HP, Cloudbook from Acer, and Dell Inspiron 11.

My only gripe? The keyboard. It feels very much like a netbook keyboard from the early days of low cost PCs and could be better. I also noticed that its Octane benchmark tests for web browsing were a little bit lower than it should be given that it’s running a current generation Atom Cherry Trail processor.

Those minor issues aside this is another great value from Asus.

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