Asus VivoBook E200HA


ASUS Vivo Book E200HA-D0009TS
Uncompromising performance, all day
ASUS Vivo Book E200 is designed so that you can remain productive throughout the day – even when you are on the go. This compact and affordable 11.6-inch laptop weighs less than 1 kg and lets you watch video for up to 13 hours on a full charge. Windows 10 is fully compatible with software and peripherals in comparison to other operating systems.

Computer work on the go
It’s all about everyday computing on the go. The ultra lanka profile of Vivo Book E200 makes it portable enough to be taken anywhere. It is even good in your shoulder bag. Vivo Book E200 weighs less than 1 kg- making them easier than other 11-inch laptops on the market.

Last 802.11ac Wi-Fi
ASUS Vivo Book E200 allows you to connect faster and further with the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which is almost three times higher speed compared to 802.11n. MIMO Multiple user changes the way Wi-Fi works the gnome to handle multiple devices simultaneously. Vivo Book E200 is perfect for multiple users who surf the Internet, download files or stream video.

Optimized battery life for a full day of computing
ASUS Vivo Book E200 gives you up to 13 hours of battery life •. You therefore need not worry about the battery runs out during long airplane trips or when working from libraries or cafes.

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  1. hey i am looking to buy something like this, for college, easy on the pocket, and basic use like MS Office, watching movies, opening multiple tabs on a browser…that sort of thing…this is definitely an option…other suggestions would be more than welcome and a lot of help…i am not a tech expert…the sooner the response the better….i'll buy something in a day or two…

  2. i just bought this product..why i cant open and keep on asking the password,,pls anyone cane help me..hint unit name…
    and everytime i type e200ha..incorrect password

  3. Thanks a lot fo the review. I've heard a lot of talking about the little bumps that dig inside the tables. Are they really bad enough to consider paying more for a different laptop? Also, I'm really interested in getting this laptop for University as it is super cheap, light and has an awesome battery life. Can anyone tell me if the keyboard good enough for long periods of note taking? Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!

  4. Hello, could you do me a favor, I need a screen capture in the section panle control/program and characteristics of the asus e200ha-US01 … it is to delete my asus drivers for error and now I have the correct drivers. E-mail is thx


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