ASUS GL552 Review – Mid Tier 15" Gaming Laptop


My review of the ASUS GL552 Gaming Laptop covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With extensive gaming performance tests.
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Review unit: i7/16G/1TB/960M

Is this a worth buying? Which is better GL552 vs GL752? How is the battery life? Watch this video to find out! =)

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  1. It's been more than 2 years since I bought my GL552 and GOSH what a disapointment ! Even with only Windows launched, no games, nothing, the temperature inside is freaking HOT. Plus it barely make modern games run at 50fps, even with medium or low graphics. The dvd drive is cool, and the keayboard is great in my personal opinion, but everything else make me regret to have choosen this one instead of any other 2015 laptop.

  2. I have been using for the past 3 years (I have 4GB GTX960M variant) initially the laptop was good but now the thermals are hitting around 105C. The laptop is good for gaming but lags a lot on video processing part. Go above Filmora, one can see the lags in processing. Still, it is a good laptop, as even touching 105C it can sustain the frame rates pretty well.

  3. Hj Dave I am a fan of your reviews tbey are so well presented. I would love your suggestion for a.laptop under 1000dollars used for mainly music production, please help

  4. Was working fine for me for a bit over 2 years. All of the suddem the computer just shut down and stsrted overheating. Any tips to fix this?

  5. Apart from being a gaming laptop it had really good specs for its price and that's why I bought one. Till this day it delivers pretty well, I'm thinking about some RAM upgrade though, just to show I appreciate all the work he's done over the years. Battery life wasn't great, but it lasted me throughout 3 or 4 hours University classes easily, just had to bring down the brightness a bit. The Asus software is something I found somewhat underrated. It has a bios like menu that works even without the disk. It was enough to stick a pen into it with Linux and salvage everything important from the damaged disk. I had no need to pay 60 euros for that kind of technical service support, I already had a new freaking disk to buy.

  6. im using that laptop now lmao still fast for 2018, but I really really hate the trackpad, it gets oily easily

  7. someone is selling this to me for 800$ 1 year used, is it a good deal or are there better deals for 800$ that are bnew? his model were i7 tb hdd 8gb ram gtx 950m ddr 4

  8. my country is retarded then, for 1200 euro you get fucking shit specs. and you? 850 euro for even better. same with the helios 300, it's 2,000 euro here. Ireland.

  9. You got my sub. I love your video visual models you give us and the fact you included some game play is something alot of people seem to forget. Thank you for your videos.

  10. Does anybody experience sudden shutdown with this laptop when not plugged in? I do experience it for I have the GL752 one. The battery level is not that even close to shutting down. As well as when plugged in, my laptop does not reach up to 100%. Like only around 70-80%. Does anybody knows the solution for this?

  11. hi Mr. Dave thanks for this video one of the reasons why I have this GL552VX now. I had the plastic top version. There is something though which concerns me, is it alright to plug the power source even the battery is full? I play games a lot and I wanted to know if this will damage the battery without plugging out the power. Hope you can answer me, thanks!:)

  12. I bought this laptop last christmas, and tbh, I love it, its great to run everything that I play (siege medium, 60fps, PUBG 45-50 fps on low and medium, arma 60 fps on low 2km render distance, and 45 with 4km render distance, all on low-medium) so if you're wanting a gaming laptop that can run any game you throw at it, and some on high, but thats portable, and won't weight down your backpack, then this is a good laptop to consider, it has gone to mexico for 6 months and back, all across the US and most of Canada, and still works the same as the day I bought it 100% would recommend

  13. Am thinking about buying this laptop for college but I saw this comment on a video about it overheating and it died in 5 mouths. Does anyone know if this is true?

  14. Please make Video on Asus FX553VD Please . I am stuck between Rog GL552VX and FX553VD. Everything is same but FX has 1050 GTX card but no blue ray and both with 7700HQ processor . Please help

  15. All I want is the ASUS Zenbook Pro UX550. ASUS said July, July is over next Monday. Where is it??!!!????!!!

  16. Hi Dave This is shams afroz I am a 3D and video editing artist.Which laptop should I buy asus rog 552 VW or asus rog 553 VE ?

  17. Hi Dave, what would you recommend? Asus GL552W DH74 Model or the Dell Inspiron 7559 4K Model ? Comparing the specs what would be a better option? I'm a photo & video editor and true colors are a priority.


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