Asus FX503VD w GTX 1050 | Unboxing & Benchmarks | Vs Gaming Laptops


Unboxing & running benchmarks on the Asus FX503vd with the Nvidia GTX 1050. This is a compact entry gaming laptop that won’t break the bank. It can hit 30+ FPS on demanding games at high settings at 1080p, but struggles beyond that. We would recommend the GTX 1060 version for more demanding gaming.

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Laptops Used:

– Asus FX503

-HP Omen 15t

-HP Omen 17t

Benchmarks Used:
– Unigine Superposition
– PCMark10
– Cinebench R15
– Fire Strike
– Time Spy

Games Tested:
– The Division
– Ghost Recon


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  1. i have this laptop. your best bet is to downgrade to 720p if you wish to maintain 60 fps. gaming at 1080p sometimes crashes my batman arkham asylum. thermal throttle is the biggest hurdle. if you have an external laptop cooling stand, you can play at higher settings. you will not play AAA games on this with a good experience. the fans get very loud during intense graphics. this will not replace your desktop gaming.

  2. Hi everyone I have asus ROG GL703V I need help, needing a cleaning the service people have damaged the capacitor and I do not know how to find this capacitor his brand and parameters, please help!!!!!

  3. Mine stars to lag, i thought at 1st twas normal but its been months but i seldom use it only for weekends. can u help me thank you

  4. Como se pueden controlar los ventiladores de esta laptop muchachos , les agradecería su respuesta

  5. Did you copy paste the spec sheet from amazon or something, I don't see a display port anywhere. Amazon also has the same mistake in the description lol

  6. The games were off, I got this laptop and all the games I have I can run high, not max but high. And thats good enough for me, I play train sim and I can play max graphics, same with Planet coaster, The isle (all though I have a few settings turned down due to FPS drops looking down into the valley) and more..

  7. This suposelly tests proves nothing and whether you say such nonsense out of ignorance or on purpose, or maybe you don't know other resolutions than 1080p. Did you know that 900p is barely noticeable in some games from 1080p? Did you also know that changing from 1080p to 900p sometimes you gain 30 FPS more, sometimes without noticing a big/noticeable difference?
    Also I have a GTX 950m DDR3 which is basically half of the performance of a GTX 1050m and I can run almost any game at 60 FPS. The most demanding game I ever played, Doom 4, I could run at medium settings 768p at average 50/70 FPS, maxing about 170 FPS, the lowest was about 35 in one part of just one map. With a GTX 1050m I have no doubts in my mind that I could run the game at 900p or 1080p in medium/high, but not ultra /maximum settings with a steady no drop 60 FPS.

  8. The music felt really weird, also, the games you tested are not really well known… You could’ve used some more popular games that most of us know, not the ones you know.

  9. It is good for budget gaming laptop. It got 1050 gtx, with i5/i7.
    If you really need a gaming laptop that can play latest games for 4-5 years (of course at that time you need lower the settings.) I bet at that time also you already have enough money to buy new pc.
    Don't buy mx150. It is good, but if you looking for long lasting gaming, 1050 is more better. Even now you can play the latest games, well some in ultra settings 1080 with 30- 40 fps. You can lower it's resolutions to gain more fps.
    This is for people who got low budget but want a gaming laptop.

  10. so it seems gtx 1050 is rubbish for modern games. might just as well get a laptop with raden r4 or other rubbish cards such as integrated ones for less price cos gtx 1050 is just as useless for gaming.

  11. May as compare a Porsche to a Hyundai. We all know the 1050 isn’t comparable to a 1080. What’s the point.

  12. Fuck it i just have bought a msi laptop with the same specs except the graphic card Vram its 2gb instead of 4gb, even i look on amazoj and i find that was at the same price, thug


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