Asus EeeBook X205TA Review With Pros And Cons- Is It Worth Buying?


Asus EeeBook X205TA Review With Pros And Cons- Is It Worth Buying?

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  1. I want to know is it ok to take photo print out from websites for my kid.. msoffice work .. Ms paint ??
    Adobe PDF??

  2. Is the case made of metal? Because of that metallic look 😀
    Do you can recommend this notebook? Can you add a SD-card into it?
    I'm about to buy this laptop, but I'm still not sure if the performance is high enough for school/ study work..

  3. Dear Sir
    kindly review Micromax canvas LapBook.
    I want to buy it but I wait for your review only.
    kindly review it.

  4. It was a gr8 review sir . I want to buy a portable machine which can be used as an computer.i have to make projects nd ppts for presentation in college and need a good multimedia performance too .so which one u would recommend .ny budget is 15k

  5. Any thoughts on the webcam?  Is it useable?  Looking to buy a couple of these for the in-laws to use for a daily email/web machine with occasional video chat with family back home. Also, do you feel the screen size is enough for older folks with weaker eyesight?  Thanks!


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