Asus EEE PC 1025C review – solid mainstream 10 inch netbook


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An in depth video review of the Asus EEE PC 1025C, the mainstream Asus netbook in 2012, part of the new EEE PC Flare line of ultraportable laptops.

This one is going to be available in a bunch of configurations. Our unit comes with an Atom N2800 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 320 GB hard-drive and Windows 7 Starter. It was pretty snappy during the test and managed to run HD content at ease. The 3 Cell battery offered around 4 hours of life on average, but there’s also a 6 Cell battery available that will double those numbers.

The Asus 1025C should start at $299 and will be available in stores soon.

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  1. Hi guys! I'm from the future, I was curious about this old hardware as a fun side project for playing old retro consoles games on the go. I purchased one these from a recycling center for dirt cheap and I upgraded it up to Windows 10 Home (its a classic OS, but it runs perfectly on this device), I tracked down some old 4GB DDR3 memory, installed a retro SSD drive my Grand Parents had, that still worked and add a processor upgrade. I can truly say this machine is not bad at playing games from my Parents and Grand Parents time.

  2. I'm just wanna a laptop to download games from steam onto it at work since my internet at home sucks. I plan on just moving the games onto my external hard drive and than playing on my PC. Would this be alright for that?

  3. I bought it from B&H New York, excellent customer service, memory isn't user upgradeable, but if u r a techie u can try ur luck DIY…! U can use a Micro SD card in its adaptor as Readyboost, thats what i have done…get rid of preloaded bloatware, u will be fine

  4. Here's my review: Performances are ok but IDLE on fresh install Seven Pro 32bit, RAM is at 70%. So you need more than 1Go. You have to disassemble the netbook to change RAM (there are plenty of youtube videos for this). The GMA 3650 is great, i tried full hd on youtube many time, and tried HD vids aswell on VLC 2.2. I also manage to play Homeworld 2. But you will have trouble on Linux and windows XP as NO pilots exist (there is a workaround for linux but VGA and HDMI won't work.

  5. It's a risk but Eee User members have been reporting that they've managed to upgrade the 1025C for US models at least. Though they had to take the system apart to do so but people can reference the Netbook Italia video for upgrading this model. While reportedly there is a service that will upgrade soldered RAM as well but fee plus cost of shipping can nearly double cost.

  6. This costs £250, £20 more than a 1015cx with identical hardware- 1GB ram, N2600 atom, 320GB drive
    what netbook should I buy??

  7. There's been multiple reports that the 1025C isn't soldered. Netbook Italia did a disassembly and upgrade video on it and over at the Eee User forum some have reported being able to upgrade the RAM. Though of course that via voiding the warranty.

    The 1025C is just limited in others ways like the Mono Speaker, along with at least one complaint of unusually loud hard drive.

    Also the 1025CE has only gotten a one case color release so far and seems they're mainly pushing the 1025C.

  8. @gadgetjm – Unfortunately, no, Intel decided to focus on getting ready for Windows 8 right now. So 64bit drivers and support for DX10.1 are on the back burners for their priorities right now.

    It's one of the reasons I think they'll probably go with AMD for the discrete graphic models, like they did with the VX6s, as then they don't have to worry about the Intel GMA.

  9. @gadgetjm – Uh, I think you mean N2600 and 1.6GHz for this one. The N2800 is 1.86GHz anyway. While later in the year, probably when Windows 8 comes out, we'll probably see a N2650 at 1.7GHz and a N2850 at 2GHz.

    Along with some more low powered and compact solutions with the upcoming Clover Trail SoC that should come out in time for Windows 8.

  10. @roobbbyyyy123 – Aside from the new GMA, the Cedar Trail architecture is basically the same as the previous Pine Trail and just reduced to a 32nm FAB. Though Intel has put in some power efficiency enhancements that help address issues like power leakage. So just dual core ATOMs clocked at indicated speeds. The N2600 basically replacing the previous generation single core ATOMs.

    The 22nm Silvermont in 2013 is when Intel will do a complete overhaul of the ATOM architecture.


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