Arduino LCD Keypad shield with super scrollable L-menu system


For .ino sketch visit my homepage
No additional libraries
No soldering! ideal for arduino men
Universal for all LCD screens 1602 and 2004



  1. Ciao Pavel, sto iniziando ora ad usare il keypad lcd shield e ho visto il tuo video (molto interessante). E' possibile avere lo sketch che usi nel video? Ti lascio la mia mail:
    Grazie infinite!!!

  2. i bought this product from this page and highly recommend the page

  3. Hola, gracias por el aporte, me gustaría saber como bajar la rapidez de desplazamiento del texto. soy nuevo en esto, pero solo con eso me vale, yo cambio los nombres para mi proyecto. Gracias y un saludo

  4. arduino uno, lcd shield, ds1302 when I set the time in the time setting, the time does not change when I say show how do I fix it?

  5. Hi. Can we ask some help regarding our lcd 1602 displat keypad shield. Do it need to program to shaw a display in the lcd?

  6. 1 =) time and date do not remain at the value I set.

    2 =) does not remain in memory when I cut off the power.

    do you help me fix these problems?

  7. Sir i am looking for( dmm) ohms capacitance and volt meter for this shield+Arduino uno please share code… we will be ur thankful !!!!

  8. Вери гуд дезайн оф зе меню. Вхен я вилл бай ан ардуино, ай вилл ду похожую меню. Ай вилл врайт сом геймс то ит анд ит вилл би вери гуд. Гуд видео, ай хоуп ю вилл хав мани субскрайберс суун)

  9. Fantastic!… Your English is great and I hope you have not been deluged with messages – but I think you are now my "go-to" expert! Just trying to get to grips with one of these as it does not seems to want to play exactly like the demo program I found for it! ( I think it works fine though…I just have to work on the sketch)

  10. Great Instruction Comrade keep practicing English I understood every word,welcome to America life and watch for the ladies they go after ure wallet!!Just Kidding!(A Joke or like the Puerto Rican's say "A Yoke)and I can say that I'm Puerto Rican & Proud!


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