Aorus 17 YA Gaming Laptop Review – 240Hz, Mech Keyboard, RTX 2080 and i9-9980HK @5GHz!


The Aorus 17 gaming laptop has some high end specs, including 8 core Intel i9-9980HK CPU overclocked to 5GHz and 200w Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics. Combined with a 240Hz screen, mechanical keyboard, unique design and impressive build quality is the Aorus 17 the perfect high end gaming laptop? You’ll find out all the details on the Aorus 17 YA in this detailed review!

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  1. Hi there, im looking to buy the AORUS17 17" 240Hz Gaming Laptop i7-9750H 16GB 512GB RTX2070(AORUS 17 XA-7AU2130SH) and i was wandering if you know if it is a max-p or max-q machine. Also a couple of places selling this particular model say that the screen is is 4k HDR is this correct, because the Gigabyte global web site show the XA are only 1080p? Thx dude.

  2. Is this laptop going to have newer gpu soon? I am interested in it but I am wondering if I should wait.

  3. i did tell you i was probably going for a Clevo and i feel like going for a Clevo but i might go back to the Aorus 17 at some point but hey i might suddenly go back to msi or asus so just know i might go back to the brands i wasn't a big fan of before

  4. i was gonna get the GT75 but i didn't hear good things about MSI's customer support and i was like you know what since Gigabyte has excellent customer support i will just buy the Aorus 17 YA but i could go for a Clevo at some point

  5. Hey Jarrod, just a question. When you switch to dGPU mode, is the whole pc and its screen powered by the nVidia card or does the intel hd graphics still manage the screen ? Ty for the review btw

  6. Can this laptop be used for content creation too? Please help because I am planning to buy it and I want to do both gaming and creative work.

  7. Hello

    I try set 4.5GHz all cores and undervolt -0.120 with my Aorus 17 YA
    get 4691 on Cinedench R20
    but when I try run 5.0GHz all cores on Cinedench R20
    It will be current/edp limit throttling / down to 4.1~4.2GHz and get 4427

    But in the game(RDR2), The cpu clocks is 4.5~ 4.7~5.0GHz , No excesses current/edp limit throttling more
    it's great in the game

    do you see "current/edp limit throttling"Activated on XTU?

  8. Even if I am happy with my aero 15, thanks to your recommendation – This one looks quite stunning though definitely something i can't afford. But hey, we can dream of one after watching such an awesome review. Great work again ❤️

    PS – i noticed that there are folks who write custom bios for these gigabyte ones. They definitely have more submenu but locked under some conditions so the modders unlock these codes but probably that will affect warranty obviously. Found out when I was trying to dual boot my aero 15 with win10 & Pop! Os.

  9. what about undervolting and adding the cooling pad in gaming quiet mode? That would help temps a bit yes? I ended up buying the MacBook pro after all that, the 16", 64GB ram, 9980HK, 2TB SSD (R/W tests are giving me 2700 mb/s for both), 8GB ATI 5500M. So far in bootcamp there's been no problem gaming in any game at 60 FPS at 1900×1200 (16:10 aspect ratio of this MacBook screen). Because it's a 60HZ (but hi res) screen I enable V sync not to get tearing. Of course the 2080 would blow it away, probably another 35 to 40% FPS on top of what I get, but when i am in OS X using Logic Pro or Pro Tools, it is dead silent and the temps are decent. The problem is it was 6800 AUD and there's been an intermittent issue with the microphone and I have till Jan 8th to return as they offer an extended return period at Xmas. I think I am happy with it but once the return period is over, it's well, over. It took me so long to decide what to get and I ended up with a mac again. The other issue is that this MacBook can only run on MAC OS Catalina at minimum, and half my software and some of my audio hardware is still incompatible with it. That's what I hate about Apple so much, they don't care at ALL about backwards compatibility. Anyway, on it now typing away, they fixed all the problems of the 15", types great, will see how I go. Still love your channel.

  10. I cant wait for the day technology allows for beastly hardware like that to be in a body that doesn't look and feel like a tank. Lol

  11. Hey Jarrod , i want a laptop for 3D animation nd VFX work nd somewhat little gaming . Which do you suggest ?? My budget is 2500$

  12. I just got the Aukey T10 and I'm experiencing lag when watching videos as opposed to what reviewers say. Any ideas as to what I can do?

  13. I need a laptop that doesn't look very gamerish with 1660ti and i5/i7. The screen should also be 120/144Hz. My budget is $1300.

  14. Laptop ASUS Gaming 15.6'' TUF FX505DV, FHD 120Hz, Procesor AMD Ryzen™ 5 3550H (4M Cache, up to 3.7 GHz), 8GB DDR4, 512GB SSD, GeForce RTX 2060 6GB

    Will every game doing well on this? On high/ultra

  15. After I saw nose I was like I'm out. Not that I ever really use the web cam anyways but on a laptop for the price this will retail at I'd expect a proper height camera especially if planned on using it to stream. Video quality on the camera was quite poor too. I'm going to wait, hoping for an AMD variant of the MSI GE75 raider to be announced at CES in January

  16. Loved the video, though you may want to edit the RTX 2070 in the specs in the description to a 2080. Keep up the good work!


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