Aorus 15 Gaming Laptop Review – RTX 2060


The Aorus 15 gaming laptop is on the smaller side for a 15 inch laptop with some nice specs inside. In this review we’ll take a look at performance, thermals, overclocking, battery life and basically everything else you’d want to know to help you decide if it’s worth it.

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Check out the cooling pad used in the video here:

Want to see even more game benchmarks with the Aorus 15?

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  1. Hi, I love your Reviews.
    I wanted to buy a higher performance laptop, do you mind telling me which one you recommend?
    Regardless of the price, in my country they are only available on websites so I have to rely on sales and printing websites.

    -Gigabyte Aorus 15-XA-7ES5252W
    -Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH

    I mean I already have the Aorus plus GPU, but that extra isn't too much …
    Which one has better sound quality?
    Which seems to be better built?
    Better screen quality? (no hz)

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hey Jarrod I need your help I purchased this laptop and I followed your instructions in the tunning guide but I'm still power limit throttling and hitting very high temps under load it maintains a 3.4ghz to 3.5ghz any solution please

  3. writing from an aorus 5, would you go for a HP omen 15 1660ti or the aorus 15?

    ps: very unhappy with the aorus 5, the 144 screen doesnt make much sense and its boiling water all day long, love the aesthetics but way poor performance, trackpad failing everytime, no downloadables from official support website so not so sure about the aorus 15

  4. Ahh Jarrod, I bought this laptop and should receive it in the mail tomorrow 😀 bought it from Mwave and lucky me bought the last one 🙂 and bought a 32gb DDR4 kit for it too.

  5. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Dell g7 7590 with i7-9750H, rtx2060, RAM 16GB, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD (1600$) OR

    Legion Y540 with i7-9750H, rtx2060, RAM 16GB, 1TB SSD (1500$)


  6. This laptops on sale right now for 1499usd on newegg down from like 1999usd the 2070 version. I was trying to decide between the Y54 2060 for 1299 or this for $200 more. which is better in your opinion?, i hear the aorus is very very loud.

  7. Hi Jarrod!
    Did you change the power brick up to 230 watt or higher and re-test it? If change higher power brick will improve this issue. I will suggest to GIGABYTE Taiwan

  8. I'm looking for a laptop in this range (money wise) planning to use it for streaming (as second streaming only rig, not for gameplay) and for traveling. Would you reccomend this or something else?
    This battery life really looks like a problem to me…


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