Amazon grow lights review | Best budget grow light from Amazon around €100


I’ve tested four of the most popular and low cost grow lights on amazon and put together a guide to help you chose the best light for you. These lights are the first grow lights for many people starting off. I hope this helps you make a good decision when making a start.
Best of luck and happy growing

Lights tested: Meizhi 450W or R90 ‘reflector’ model
Viparspectra 450W Reflector ‘two switch’
Phlizon 600W ‘double switch’
Roleadro 450W UV and IR

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  1. I made an error calculating the Meizhi efficiency. It is 1.26 PPFD/Watt instead of 1.23 PPFD/Watt. A typo error when creating the video. Thanks to Henry for spotting the inconsistency👍

  2. @migro Do you think one could put a coffee filter or something over the intake fan gate to keep dust out of the interior or would it overheat? Maybe the dust accumulates and burns the light out anyway

  3. Any experience with the Bestvas, or bestva elites? Cheaper amazon light but seaming effective, just not honestly marketed. A 1500 watt has actually like 300 true watts. Any one use these lights??

  4. Just a thought I think Shane would be good as an adviser to the RHS and other plant growers (not just the mostly blokes growing you know what). Many gardeners like me are very unsure of this area. Many living in flats haven't access to enough adequate light.

  5. I have two friends who purchased lights from Amazon. Out of 6 plants each, they got 5 males in one and 4 males in the other grow. Could this have been from the light? Other conditions appeared ok to me.

  6. If I remember correctly blue LEDs are more efficient, so a simple way to ramp up efficiency is to use more blue LEDs and then it’s technically producing more light per watt. That’s probably why cheaper lamps have more blue lights.

  7. Sad to hear the spectra did so poorly as that exact light is the one i have. Looking to upgrade for my 2×4 tent. Any recommendations will be listened to.

  8. Angry amazon vendors are going to hate this video haha ^^ That's probably why it has quite a few thumbs down.
    This video is really nicely done!

  9. From your other videos , I gather that red spectrum helps produce more Anthocyanins. Am I understanding correctly? I’ve always read that 6500k T5 are the best all around due to the high blue spectrum. I grow lots of succulents . About 150 in my collection. Want them to stay compact and colorful. I have a bunch of T5 already. What’s your best recommendation for a budget light to keep them colorful and compact? Thanks for your wonderful videos ! I appreciate them 😊. My shelf space is 48” wide and 24” deep . I’d like something to cover that space .


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