Alienware Area 51M unboxing


Lewis opens up the Alienware Area 51M, the latest gaming laptop from computing giant Dell that boasts an i9 core processor, an RTX 2080 GPU and a brand new cooling system.
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  1. 2:48 imagine if those exhaust pipes went BRRRRRRR NEEEOWWWWWW when it was hot lmao but you realised soon after that it wouldn’t turn on ever again

  2. Everyone must agree.. AlienWare. It sounds like a outaspace name they don’t look like a normal computer they are sooo light for a gaming laptop they look crazy. If I saw that laptop inside of my house I’d be going mad

  3. I’m buying the cheapest option with the i7 9700 and the 1660 ti. Ululate going to buy the rtx 2080 for it later on

  4. "here we have a mystery package from dell"

    2 seconds later
    "ok so this is the alienware area 51m"

    well it's not a mystery anymore then is it

  5. is so funny when he say we got a mistery package from dell bruh dell is not going to send you a latop the cost that much with the subs you have is better if you say let see what we buy from dell

  6. would you give me a gift this laptop please:) I am student and ı need this laptop because I have not money

  7. Hey great video! i'm new and im subscribing right now! By any chance i have a youtube channel i just started doing "tech reviews" on and it would mean the world if you could review it? i uploadedf a review on the alienware area 51m just like this one

  8. hey do you have a link to buy this? i mean like if u start doing these reviews at least put a link in the description. this way, your audience might buy the product and you get a Percentage of that buy through amazon affiliate program.

  9. Alienware is not made by aliens? Talk about bad advertising. XP

    Just wait till you carry it around on your back. You will really enjoy it. XD

  10. only real complaints are the 2 usb a ports need to be on the other side and it needs a full size display port

  11. Some one knocked my door. For my surprise…there was a delivery boy holding a box in his hand. I came to know that it was a surprise gift. I accepted it … Holy jisus christ it was a Dell Alienware laptop…my happiness had no boundaries… suddenly I woke up… My mom was shouting why are you still sleeping? Won't you go to work 🤯😔😔😔🤣✌️.

  12. Laptop is six inches thick and he's concerned about how thin the bezel is. Everyone knows a thin bezel adds 50 fps.

  13. Dude it's just too irritating the way you are constantly turning the laptop and the way you are fidgeting with the placement of the same .. we are not able to focus on the main laptop the only thing that is focused is you fidgeting with the position and the constant turning of the laptop ..
    An honest review brother


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