$40 150 Watt eBay LED Floodlight Review, Repair, and Modification


I needed a cheap, yet energy efficient way to add a lot more light to my lab so I can get better quality videos for YouTube. I found this $40 150 Watt LED floodlight on eBay, and decided to give it a shot.

First, the case is made of aluminum, and very sturdy. It is IP65 rated with a sealed wire grommet and a beefy silicone seal around the 1/4″ glass front.

The problems with the unit was the screws for the case, the reflector, and the circuit board were all loose. The circuit board had crappy soldering done for the AC power lines to the board, and the thermal paste was only on half of the circuit board. After repairing it, the unit works wonderfully, but for the average consumer, steer away from this as it could be a fire hazard without doing the repairs.

Sorry, no longer available on eBay, please see bottom of this description for a equivalent LED floodlight on Amazon.

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Here is an equivalent LED floodlight on Amazon as the listing for eBay is no longer valid:

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  1. Light is very bright ✒>share4.photo/pWorkLight?まd Made working on my car at night so much easier as I just had to put the light in one area to see under the whole hood and did not have to keep moving the light around as much as I would with other lights. The hook is great to fit most areas and the light is lightweight enough that I hooked it to the hood and it did not pull it down.

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  4. I whish I had seen this video, or taken the time to open one up and look myself for that matter. I ordered one, measured that it was earthed and then ordered a bunch more. I figured they got that right, it seemed somewhat sturdy (at least chinese sturdy), and the heatsink got hot.

    They seemed very good value. So I bought 4 of these big ones and a whole bunch of smaller ones 20w ones. Then went through all the work of wiring for, and mounting them all over the yard, garages, sheds, everything, which took a week or two of quite hard labour.

    When installed, in the winter with the yard covered in snow it was quite an effect when they flicked on 🙂

    However now, coming up on 2 years later none of the 150w models work. They flicker dimly at best. A couple of the 20w units still work but the majority is broken. The reseller has completely refused to honor their "warranty" of course. Is there a chinese translation for warranty?

    Does this unit still work? What should one buy?

  5. I would like to know how to open for repair a large led reflector that has no screws? Is it by the heat sink (which has rivets), or by the glass removing the glue?

  6. Horrible mounting. Screws are only on two edges. Instead there should be some on all edges, and ~3 in the middle, to ensure the PCB actually is flat and adheres to the back. Horrible. It can't even be easily fixed. Not even 150W.

  7. It is a great led flood light from the video , Maybe PC diffuser of the floodlight is a trend or awesome idea as well .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic3qxZsdrms

  8. I think this brand of flood light is better ,the quality really great ,even the price have a little high ,but in the eyes of chinese ,one piece one goods ,so I sincerely recommend it ,this is the store for your guys :https://www.aliexpress.com/store/all-wholesale-products/4560058.html?spm=2114.12010108.100004.3.356f7554iPUB1E

  9. There also has been a problem with counterfeit UL/CSA/etc safety certification labels on products out of China. Just because something CLAIMS a certain kind of certification, doesn't mean it is or ever was actually certified.

  10. I purchased some similar floodlights and found they'd flicker, then trip out the electric. They have been replaced with working units, but I still have the faulty ones and was going to take a look at them. I don't know if it would be caused by poor wiring, or whether the LED it's self is faulty. Any advice from you or anyone, who as come across a similar fault with these floodlights themselves, would be greatly appreciated, so I at least know where to start looking (I'm not electrical expert as you can probably tell!)….

  11. The problem with that 150watt Driverless LED COB is the efficiency. They claim 70-80 lumens per watt but you'll only get about 60-65 when new and it will drop quickly and those COB's will fail quickly. You really didn't save any money. A 150watt light on 12 hours every day take $151 a year in electricity at 23 cents per kwh. If you bought one with the new Cree on Philips LED's and using a real 150watts you can hit 150-172 Lumens per watt so you would have almost triple the brightness at (150 Watts at 150-172 lumens per watt) compared to (113 watts at 65 lumens a watt.) OR you could run less wattage for the same brightness and energy saving almost Triple on your Electric bill. That's $100 a year savings if you run the light 12 hours a day. Best to spend a little more for High efficiency Cree or Philips Osram LED's. Also the High efficiency LED's need somewhat smaller Heatsinks as more energy is released as light instead of heat.

  12. I bet you the led many a 150watt led but I garentee the copasator is only 50watts so you won't tv get your full 150 and there all like that

  13. Great Video brother! Thank you! I just recently purchased my first home and was wondering if I could change the High/pressure sodium / mercury vapor lamp, I honestly can't remember what color the light is, with an LED lamp. I will definitely change over to the LED lamp but will disassemble to see if my unit has the same shoddy assembly as well. Thanks for pulling yours apart! 😉

  14. Thanks for the sweet tutorial!! I am not an electrical guru but I purchased 2 of these same lights for my garage, performed the same modifications you did and everything works like a charm!!


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