3 things when choosing between a 13 inch and a 15 inch laptop


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Which laptop size makes more sense? 3 things that you probably have not considered when buying a 15″ or a 13″ laptop:
1. The longer lifespan of the 15 inch laptop compared to the 13 inch.
2. The better resell value of the 15 inch laptop compared to the 13 inch.
3. Are you carrying your laptop more than you think and/or how much are you using heavy duty programs?

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  1. not true … they have the same Processor and ram now these days as well as display options …… different size screens is about it

  2. I was in a dilemma between a 13" 1.1kg ultrabook and a 14" 1,75kg thinkpad. I'm carrying my laptop in my bag every day plus using external monitors all the time, so your argument regarding weight convinced me to go for the 13" one. Thank you very much!

  3. Thanks for the perspective. I have a 15in that I got about 3 years ago. I use it for light design and video editing, Facebook back end. But i just got a Alienware for home use. And thinking of picking up a 13inch in a year or so as a replacement for the 15. Basically more portable for travel.

  4. I always hate 13 inch . 15 inch is not 5kg more than 13 inch. it could be just less than 500g more than 13. better cooling, better screen for multitasking, and mostly powerful machines than similar models.


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