3 in 1 Color LED Tube Light ! Wipro Color Changing 22-Watt LED Batten Light


Wipro Color Changing 22-Watt LED Batten Light (Warm White/Neutral White/Cool White)

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Material: Polycarbonate, Color: Warm White/Golden Yellow
Warranty: 2 years on product
A tri color LED batten that changes the ambience of your room to suit your mood
High performance non yellowing diffuser providing spot free light
LM80 tested LED’s which guarantee long life
No effect of voltage fluctuation
Natural light with no strain on eyes
High power factor leading to less power loss

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  1. Hey bro i want to install 10 pcs in 11×24 feet medical store. i want to keep it neutral white 4000k. Will it be sufficient to light up the whole space. Or i should go with led panels.
    How was the brightness of neutral white shade ?
    pls reply

  2. Currently 662rs on amazon lol
    Buy only if you have repair walla in your area who repairs these products. I don't so I still use the 40rs 36w surya tubes which can be easily replaced. But I use led bulbs in washroom and balcony type places


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