2018 Dell XPS 9370 vs 2017 13" Macbook Pro – Ultimate Comparison


AppleInsider is putting Apple’s Mid 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro to the test against the 2018 Dell XPS 13 9370. Will Intel’s new 8th gen quad-core processor put the Dell in the lead?

Apple 2017 13″ MacBook Pro ►
Dell XPS 13 XPS9370-7002SLV ►

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  1. All their reviews are highly biased and other laptops are compared keeping apple as benchmark… meaning nothing can be better than apple or if anything is better than apple, it doesn’t matter… if they had honest reviews.. they would have close to 1M subscribers…

  2. Buy a Dell XPS 9370, install Ubuntu,
    No Mac/Windows needed. Mac is restrictive and Windows is bloated. Also, your review is biased towards Apple, and laptop screens should have more than 300ppi pixel density so I think 4k is needed for every laptop (laptop screen should be more like cellphone screen).

  3. Have both and the XPS takes it except for its touchpad feeling. It feels too plasticy and isn't uniform. Other than that maybe Mac's screen has more contrast, but both are so good it wouldn't matter

  4. base model of MacBook compared to i7 XPS? Seems apple is cheaper this time around 🙂
    I could't afford that XPS easly, but god good deal on Macbook 128/8 though and I am quite happy, yet afraid of the future. Flexgate, kb problems etc.

  5. Great review! However, like every comparison of Macs to PCs this review has to mention that the Mac costs more. Rather than compare purchase price only, total cost of ownership should be the comparison. IBM boasts the largest installed Mac base in the world. Their analysis of total cost of ownership shows a PC costs them $500 more than a MacBook Pro, once purchase price, support costs and depreciation are taking into account. Plus, their employees prefer the Mac.

  6. Windows let me down updates kill longevity my dell is one year old and Microsoft doesn’t help people like Apple and also u can sell your MacBook 5 years down the road for half what u paid they retain their price better then the most expensive laptop from windows it’s a worth investment but u have to pay windows for help Apple uses all in house components and they work together better

  7. Curious! Who listens to music / movies on laptop speakers without headphones these days? Headphones / ear phones have become so ubiquitous that having a high end laptop speaker doesn't make sense to me. I would prefer a normal speaker and have a lower priced laptop or featurefull laptop rather than spending $2000 on a i5 machine that sounds better! I have a bose PC Speaker set bought for $100 on sale and I am pleased with the sounds. And I use a Sony headphone / Samsung S9 headset when I am travelling. Don't remember when was the last time I used laptop speakers!


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