2017-2018 Ford F-150 Raptor 30-inch Single-Row LED Light Bar Grille Mount Kit by Rough Country

Bring the illuminating power of Rough Country’s Curved 30-inch Single-Row LED Light Bar to your Ford F-150 Raptor with Rough Country’s discreet Hidden LED Light Bar Grille Kit. This unique lighting kit mounts behind the grille, perfectly holding your 30-inch Curved Single-Row LED Light Bar in the proper location for both ample lighting and airflow. This lighting kit blends in so well it looks like factory equipment and is installed in the perfect position for forward-facing illumination, mounted just above the Raptor’s unique “Ford” logo. Turn it on and light floods outward, giving you unparalleled access to off-road lighting in a clean, flush kit.

Rough Country’s LED Light Bars include a durable die-cast aluminum, IP67 waterproof housing for unsurpassed protection against the elements. Each LED also features a premium flat-wound, braided, IP68 waterproof wiring harness with a toggle switch and in-line fuse. Includes Rough Country’s 3-year LED Warranty and a Lifetime Warranty on the mounts.

Visit roughcountry.com or an authorized Rough Country dealer to learn more.

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