2006 Subaru WRX | Auxbeam 32" Tri-Row LED Light bar


Tri-Row LED Light bar from Auxbeam. Installed on @Razo_71’s 06 Subaru WRX. This was extremely easy because the mounting holes we used matched up with pre-cut holes in his crash beam. The only real work we had to do was cut the bumper so that the 32″ light bar would show through. We removed alot of black plastic that had no real functional support on the bumper. Check it out! If you guys are interested in a light bar def check out Auxbeam.

Product Name: Auxbeam Tri-Row Series 32″ LED Light bar
Product Listing:

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  1. How about stones bouncing off the LEDbar? how is it still holding up? Do you still use it and any downsides of mounting it close to the ground?

  2. Awesome to hunt cocrodiles, crabs. What else……searching for missing Jewlery in the jungle at night maybe? Dude, seriously? Worst mod that I have seen in internet for a sti. You are going to pissoff everybody in front of you with that torch.

  3. Quick question, my parents have a 2004 Toyota Camry LE without fog lights. Could I use the Dremel Tool you used to cut the fog lights covers?

  4. Hi, it's awesome, I want to install it but I have some doubts, what about the cars who came in front? Has to be annoying, right? Even more than xenon.



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