15 LED Black Chinese Generic Headlight Demo and Review (7" Round LED Headlights Shootout 10 of 12)


7″ Round LED Headlight Housings:

In this video Chris continues the video series all about 7 inch round LED headlights. He reviews 11 of the most popular led headlights. Watch the entire video series to know about the best possible lights available. This video is reviewing the 15 LED Black Chinese Generic Headlight

Nguồn: https://freecode.com.vn/


  1. Nice video. I was planning to install two of these in my 2012 Skoda Rapid's bumper. Can you advise if these have a mechanism to fit them in an auxiliary position unlike fitting in standard 7" headlamp assemblies. Thanks in advance

  2. 7:30 “it doesn’t have two independent distinctive beam patterns”. What are you talking about? It absolutely has to distinctive beam patterns, as it has two distinctive origins of light between the two beams. The highbeam is centered in a portrait mode, low beam in a horizontal. That is exactly what you want. You tell us it doesn’t have crisp beam lines but it looks like it does absolutely! Dishonest video.

  3. Look how it lights up the top of the trees on low beam. It's going to blind the car speeding towards you. What's the worst that could happen?

  4. I just put these on my jeep jk and their not to bad just really hard to adjust because of the messy beam patterns. Mine do say dot approved on the top of the lens.

  5. Changed now, I’ve got one on my bike, same design
    Full metal
    DOT SAE engraved onto Lens
    Has universal headlight plug (plug straight into my grom)

  6. I would really like to see a comparison of a 7 inch sealed beam where is that comparison at like what would be found in a TJ or any other vehicle to take a 7 inch round sealed beam headlight

  7. Do you guys have any information on the Colight 5 3/4 LED headlights by chance??? I bought one last night on a whim and I am now getting a little nervous about it because I can't find any real reviews on them anywhere.. Thankfully I didn't pay much for it but still getting nervous… But after checking the ebay page they are supposed to be DOT and SAE approved which makes me feel a little better about them but still can't find anything on them here on YouTube or on GOOGLE.. So hopefully you guys here will be able to help me out

  8. haha, the Chinese headlight "…the coloring is way off. It's not suitable for night time driving."

    Yep. Don't buy any Chinese made products. They are made cheaply, poor quality, and breaks easily.
    I know the costs are usually much lower, but there's a reason for that.

  9. Great video! I was leaning toward getting these since I'd seen them on a wrangler in a parking lot and thought they looked awesome. I didn't get to see it in action, and its lack of cut off line and no true beam pattern is shown in your video. thank you for saving me!


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